Quick Takes: Santana Moss and more

  • Receiver Santana Moss, scheduled to be a free agent next month, told Cleveland radio station 92.3 that, “I wouldn’t want to go anywhere but where I’ve been at the last nine years and that’s to be a Redskin. If that doesn’t happen, then it’s whatever or whoever.”

  • Obviously, the hosts had asked Moss if he’d want to be reunited with offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan (not to mention his receivers coach from last year, Mike McDaniel). It was not a surprise that McDaniel landed the receivers coaching position in Cleveland. That was in play shortly after Shanahan signed his contract Monday.

  • Moss also was asked if he thought Kirk Cousins could be a starter in the NFL. Moss’ response: “When he came in for [Robert Griffin III] we were all bummed out because we don’t want to see those guys have to deal with the stuff he had to deal with. ... But knowing Kirk had a chance to showcase his ability, we were happy for him. If he gets his shot again he’ll be a great starting quarterback in this league.”

  • Moss also was on a show called “Nite Cap With Peter Bailey” and was asked about the pressure on Griffin. Here’s Moss’ answer: “It was just the city and him being him. Heisman winner and having the first season he had, it was almost bound to happen. But I feel it shouldn’t happen that way. It shouldn’t have been in such a negative way. And I think as a player, we have a chance to pretty much control how the media handles us. If he goes out there and has that kind of season later on during the year after missing some games, maybe they’d be a little lighter on him.

“But they saw him with the commercials, they saw him with the shirts so they came at him every day in training camp asking him do he need to practice now and do he need to play now. And being young, he said what he had to say. He only knew one thing, that’s: ‘No, I don’t. I’ll be ready.’ Which, I don’t even think he wanted to. He wanted to go out there and play in preseason. I think the coach decided him not to. So when you in that situation, man, it’s almost like a no-win situation and all you can do it go out there and do the best you can. And we had the season that we had, and it was just bound to happen.”

  • Here are the defensive players coordinator Jim Haslett listed as a priority to re-sign: Brian Orakpo, Perry Riley, DeAngelo Hall and Chris Baker. If that’s the case, it’s natural that the Redskins will be talking to their representatives before free agency opens.

  • Another thing to think about when it comes to Cousins and the Browns. If Cleveland falls in love with a quarterback and has to move up, it’ll take a couple draft picks. It doesn’t make sense for them to turn around and trade another pick to land Cousins. If they don’t love any of the quarterbacks in this draft enough to surrender picks? Then perhaps Cousins is an option. But if I’m Cleveland, there’s no chance I’d give up a high second-round pick for him.

  • The Washington Post reported that the Redskins continue to make progress with Doug Williams regarding a front office position. They’ve been talking with Williams for a couple weeks; I’m not sure what the hang up is, though it’s usually over two things: money or job description.