Quick Takes: Adam Carriker's future

  • The Redskins did not release Adam Carriker with the intent of re-signing him to a lesser deal, a team source said. But as ESPN980’s Chris Russell first reported, there’s also the chance of Carriker getting another look in June. Yes, I’ve heard that, too, from Carriker himself.

  • Carriker said he was told that to get fit and get healthy and he would get another chance to see if he was worth another shot in June. That does not mean he’ll be re-signed at that time, but he’d at least get a workout. “I’m optimistic,” Carriker said.

  • Carriker still has his fans at Redskins Park; they know his work ethic and they don’t want to count him 100 percent out. I think the feeling is that this remains more of a longshot than anything, but just in case.

  • And I wouldn’t be surprised if there are some at Redskins Park who aren’t as optimistic, which is why they don’t think ultimately he’ll be back. I think if the organization was overly optimistic about his chances, he’d be signed back much sooner. But this is a way to show respect to someone whose work ethic you value. Carriker will continue to pour himself into getting better and if things look good in June, then his situation will be reconsidered. If not? Then he came much closer than someone in his situation ever would have. The way he works makes it easy to root for a comeback and that's why Carriker still has fans at Redskins Park.

  • Sav Rocca’s release wasn’t surprising either. At 40 years old, he’s not going to become a more consistent punter. The Redskins have some options, in case they don’t like Robert Malone. New special teams coach Ben Kotwica was Malone’s coach for two games with the New York Jets last season (Kotwica was the assistant special teams coach in 2012 when Malone lasted all season). But the Redskins signed Malone before Kotwica, so I’m not sure what he thinks of him. But considering the Jets released Malone...

  • And, for the first time this offseason, I actually watched a punter. Malone had a 46.3-yard average in his two games last season, which is pretty good. However, in the game I saw him punt (Week 2 against New England), he was too inconsistent. Four of his nine punts had a hang time of less than 4.0 seconds. I only timed seven punts because two were inside-the-20 attempts, which is not as much about hang time. On those two kicks, one was for only 21 yards to the 20. So of his seven punts that required good hang time, only three were good (and they were all around 4.5 seconds, which is excellent). That explains a net average of 37.1 for the season and 37.8 for his career.

  • For what it’s worth, Malone punted in Tampa Bay in 2010 under Raheem Morris. He, too, got rid of Malone, though it's common for punters to take time to mature in the NFL.

  • Malone is only 26 so one day perhaps he will find that consistency. Leg strength is not a problem here. But I’d keep looking for another punter. Pat McAfee and Donnie Jones will be free agents next week. McAfee had a net of 38.5 last season (46.0 gross); Jones had a 40.5 net (44.9 gross). Redskins defensive coordinator Jim Haslett was with Jones in St. Louis.

  • Jawan Jamison's release was not surprising. I just never saw anything from him to suggest holding onto him another year. At least Chris Thompson offers something because of his speed. That always gets you a longer look. And I liked Jamison’s film at Rutgers; he was a good fit in this system and he did a good job in protection. But he did not show up to camp with an NFL body and he just never offered reason to believe he could help.