Redskins limited by cap issue, future deals

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Some leftover tidbits from a conversation with Redskins general manager Bruce Allen, ranging from the lingering impact of the salary-cap penalty and how aware they are of upcoming contracts:

1. The salary cap penalty remained an issue. The Redskins could only spend a little bit the past two offseasons because of the salary-cap penalties. They had around $30 million to spend, but that was before they franchised linebacker Brian Orakpo. And they needed to fill many holes that they could not do in 2012 and '13.

“There's clearly a ripple effect,” Allen said. “The teams that had a lot of cap room this year carried cap room over from previous years. Could Perry [Riley] or [Brian] Orakpo and DeAngelo [Hall] have been signed a year ago? Yeah, probably. But that's in the rear view mirror as well. We're dealing. ... It's not an excuse.”

But because of the cap problems, the Redskins needed to build depth in certain areas and find starters elsewhere. They were not a player or two from a complete roster.

“We were clearly not in position to put all of our eggs in one basket,” Allen said, “and the way we approached it and are continuing to -- free agency will end in July -- and there will be a new wave of players getting released after the draft. In saying that, we were able to identify the guys that we could fit into this year's cap, allow our young players on our roster to still grow and develop.”

2. One agent said Allen likes to “slow-play” negotiations. Allen said that's not true in every case, but the fact that they needed so many players caused them to be more disciplined and conservative on some contracts.

“Each negotiation is unique. You can't have one style because every player is different and every agent is different. There are some people we've done more deals with that go quicker and then others [don't]. ...

"Once again, we weren't looking for one or two players. If we're looking for one player or two players I'd imagine negotiations would have gone very quick.”

3. They are well aware of contracts coming up in the next several seasons, including left tackle Trent Williams, quarterback Robert Griffin III, linebacker Ryan Kerrigan and running back Alfred Morris.

They'll also have to potentially deal with receiver Pierre Garcon's contract.

“Even before the offer is made Eric [Schaffer] does a great job of giving us what the future looks like if and when the player says yes to our proposal.”