Gruden doesn't want to overload RG III

ORLANDO, Fla. -- The thing that makes Redskins coach Jay Gruden excited also scares him just a bit. He sees quarterback Robert Griffin III’s ability to do just about anything. He also knows that will lead him to finding more ways to let him do, well, just about anything. Or, at least, overload the playbook.

“That’s my biggest fear,” Gruden said, “that I’m going to have too many plays for him. I know he’s a very smart guy and he can handle everything mentally, so, my fear is I’m going to have too many plays.”

It was one knock against Gruden in Cincinnati, a point which even he admitted. In 2012, he told Cincinnati reporters that he’d always been criticized for having too many plays.

“That’s always been a thorn in my side, even in Cincinnati. I had too many plays,” Gruden said. “Hopefully, I can taper it back and find plays that work instead of just having too many.”

But just like in 2012, it doesn’t sound as if Gruden wants to cut back on his plays. He likes choices; he doesn’t want to be left short-handed when it comes to possible solutions if certain plays aren’t working.

“It’s better to be a playcaller and have too many plays than to get to the third quarter and think, ‘Oh, [expletive], I don’t have any plays!’ That’s terrible!” Gruden said.

Besides, it’s about being prepared for any situation. For example, he said, if they have a two-tight end package heavy game plan and one gets hurt, they need to find another package.

“You have to have other packages, so it does look like there’s a lot, but they’re really not,” he said.