Redskins middle-of-pack in popularity

The gang over at fivethirtyeight.com ran some numbers on the relative popularity of professsional sports teams, and the Washington Redskins rank 13th in the NFL and fourth in the NFC East.

The data is based on Google searches since 2004, and the Redskins' score of 1.08 puts them just above league average in popularity. (League average is 1.00.)

The Dallas Cowboys lead the NFL pack with a score of 2.39, well ahead of the second-place Packers. The Philadelphia Eagles came in a somewhat surprising third. And the New York Giants ranked seventh at 1.37.

I'm a little bit surprised the Redskins didn't do better, since they have a history as a national team and they have dominated quite a number of news cycles over the past two years because of Robert Griffin III and/or Mike Shanahan-related drama. But there was an awfully lean period prior to Griffin's arrival in which the Redskins were not only non-competitive but also kind of uninteresting. I'm sure the data is weighed down by that. I'd be curious to see how it looks if you just take the past two years, starting with Griffin's draft.