Redskins ranked low on money list

The Redskins didn’t have the season they wanted. At least they didn’t greatly overspend in order to produce that 3-13 record. Not when compared to the rest of the NFL.

According to ESPN the Magazine/Sportingintelligence Global Salary Survey, the Redskins ranked 24th in the NFL when it came to their average amount spent per player in 2013 – and 158th compared to other sports franchises worldwide. Here's how they calculated their figures.

The Redskins also don’t have anyone on the top 10 list of highest-paid NFL players from last season. But that stemmed in part because they couldn’t give out any big contracts due to the salary cap penalty. Check back in a couple years when quarterback Robert Griffin III’s contract must be renewed. One note: Seven of the 10 players on this list play quarterback, topped by Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers. Packers linebacker Clay Matthews ranked ninth at $22 million because of his signing bonus plus workout bonus and first-year base salary.

Washington spent an average of $1,842,903 per player -- a decrease of 11.6 percent from the previous year. Yeah, the inability to spend in free agency because of the salary cap penalty hurt that figure. I’d imagine they’ll climb this chart after this season. And I’d expect that climb to continue as certain contracts need to be addressed (Griffin, Trent Williams, Ryan Kerrigan, Alfred Morris, etc.).

But does it matter where you rank on this list? Minnesota spent more per player than any team in the NFL and went 5-10-1; maybe those extra dollars saved the Vikings in the win over Washington. Or maybe the Redskins should have won regardless.

However, Seattle ranked second on this list and its season ended slightly better, if holding up the Lombardi Trophy qualifies as the goal, that is.

The Redskins ranked fourth in the NFC East as Philadelphia (ninth), the Giants (12th) and Dallas (23rd) all outspent them.

Did it make a difference as to how much teams spent? A little bit. Six of the top 10 teams on the list made the playoffs (Denver, the other Super Bowl participant, was fourth). Carolina got the most out of its money, posting a 12-4 record and making the postseason despite being ahead of only Jacksonville on this list.

For what it’s worth, the top franchise on this list is Manchester City of the English Premier League ($8,109,912) while the New York Yankes were second. And this is why football players must grab every dollar they can. Their game is more brutal, there are more lasting effects and there’s less money (relatively speaking).