Jay Gruden: 'I'm here for a reason'

POTOMAC FALLS, Va. -- Robert Griffin III didn't see what he perhaps feared when he re-watched himself last season. He had braced for worse and, besides, prefers building on the positives. So when going back over his 2013 season, he said it wasn't as bad as he thought.

But new coach Jay Gruden wasn't interested in hearing it wasn't as bad as anyone thought.

"We were 3-13, so the season was bad for everybody," Gruden said. "I'm here for a reason. Most new coaches get to a team because there were issues beforehand. Everybody had their issues, Robert included."

Griffin understood that part, too, saying he worked on fixing fundamentals -- from narrowing his base to speeding up his release -- that impacted his game in 2013. He was unable to work on his game last offseason while rehabbing his surgically-repaired right knee.

"It's more about the whole team in general," Gruden said, "more than it is about Robert. When you only win three games, to point your finger at one guy as to why is asinine. It's a whole group of guys: staff, offense, defense, special teams. So we have a lot to fix."

As for Griffin, Gruden is anxious to start working with him during the Redskins' voluntary three-day minicamp that begins Tuesday (closed to the media so don't await frequent updates). To this point in time, the coaches could not work with the players on the field.

"He's working his tail off in the weight room and running and he's trying to get as much information to learn about your system and terminology," Gruden said. "So in every sense of the word as a quarterback Robert is filling his end of the bargain. He's working hard; he's getting his body ready and his mind ready. Hopefully it will pay off."