Poll: What should the Redskins do at 34?

The Redskins won't make a pick in this week's draft until the second round with the 34th overall pick (as you may know by now). They also have some needs that are more pressing than others. But, with only six picks (so far), it will be hard to not only address all of them but to consider them solved even if they do. It's hard to rely on lower-round picks in their first couple of seasons and, by then, needs will have shifted.

That means Washington must hit on the second-round pick. For the past few months you've heard what the experts, and non-experts, say what they think Bruce Allen & Co. should do -- or will do. But what do you want them to do? Which area would you like them to address? I listed four possible areas below (keep in mind that pass-rusher could be a lineman or outside linebacker). If you want to expand on your sentiment, leave a comment below; I'll scan and use a couple of them in the subsequent article.