Poll: Who will be Redskins' best draft pick?

The analysts have dissected the picks, often in great detail, and the grades have been handed out. For the record, my take on grades is that they matter 100 times more in three years than a day or two after the draft. And I don’t think you’d find anyone to disagree.

But now that the so-called experts have spoken, it’s your turn. So I want to know what you think about the Washington Redskins' draft, but I don’t want your grade. I want to see who you like the most from this class. Just because a player was picked first does not mean he’ll end up being the best player from the group.

So I’ll give you four names or you can choose other. Maybe the best player will be receiver Ryan Grant, tight end Ted Bolser, guard Spencer Long or kicker Zach Hocker. If so, choose other. Grant’s intriguing because he looked great at the Senior Bowl, an opposing coach told me. But his speed? It turned some teams off. Long could be interesting as well, but he’s coming off the torn ACL and I had to cut the list somewhere.

Go ahead and vote. Let's hear who you like the best. And leave your comments below; I'll include some of the best in the story.