Quick hits from QB Robert Griffin III

ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III spoke to the Detroit media in a teleconference Wednesday.

Here, as always, are some of the highlights in convenient bullet-point form.

  • Griffin called Detroit’s front four one of the top units in the league. “These guys can make a case for being one of the top front fours in the league,” Griffin said. “We look forward to playing them.”

  • As mentioned in a news story earlier, Griffin insists “there’s no knee issue” and said if Pierre Garcon wants to race him, bring it on. He also said he isn’t bothered by the knee brace he has to wear.

  • If this year feels similar to last season, when the Redskins started slow: “Each year is a new year. That’s the way you have to approach it. We won our first game, lost our second game and then lost another. Right now, our goal is to get to 2-2 by the bye and I think everyone understands that.”

  • The deficits Washington has faced in the first two games of the season have kept the Redskins from really delving into their game plan. “You don’t really get to get into your game plan, which really does suck because we have some great plays in our game plan,” Griffin said. “Whenever we get down by that many points, you have to go far away from that and you end up throwing the ball almost every down and that’s not what you want, especially this week with the front four that you’re going to face.”

  • Griffin does not believe there is separation in the Washington locker room. His goal? Make sure it doesn’t happen in the future, either. “The leaders of the team will make sure that doesn’t happen,” Griffin said. “At this point, it doesn’t matter what anybody else does, it matters what we go out and do. And as long as we stay together as a team in the locker room, then we can still go out and be successful. You don’t want anyone to go start pointing the finger or anything like that. Like they say, before you point a finger, you’ve got to look in the mirror and we all got to be a lot more accountable for what goes on on that field and we’ll do it.”

  • Griffin declined to discuss the Washington Redskins’ nickname issue, saying it was way above his authority. So much so, Griffin said, “They’ve kept it away from us. You’re advised not to speak about it because we don’t know what to say. We certainly don’t know what to do, so we just let those who are taking care of that take care of it.”

  • Griffin also had this to say about the nickname: “That’s something that’s way above my understanding and the bottom line for me at least, I’m not Native American. I’m sure I have a little bit of blood in me, as my parents have told me, and I’m sure a lot of you guys have some Native American blood in you as well. But we’re not at that authority to know what to do in that situation. So I just leave that to those who know a little bit more about that situation.”