DeAngelo Hall seeks tips from Green

Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall is realistic about the rest of his career, which is why he’s not planning to match, say, Darrell Green’s run. When Green turned 30, some in the Redskins’ organization considered the future Hall of Fame cornerback near the end. And a few years earlier, they nearly let him sign with Denver.

Hall, who turns 31 during the season, might not want to play another 10 years, and he likely won't match Green's 20 seasons overall. But he does want to know how to extend his career, which is why he’ll occasionally consult with Green.

“I always pick his brain about little things,” Hall said. “He was a freak of nature. The things he can still do now are mind boggling. I don’t think I have 20 years in me, but I pick his brain about what were you thinking to get to this point or at that point.

“He always tells me he was never a guy that beat guys up at the line. He looked like he would press, but he was all feet. They were so great. They’re still great now. Those are the little things I try to get better on, footwork and doing drills.”

But Hall recognizes there were things Green could do that he just can’t. His training regimen is among them.

“It was mind blowing,” Hall said. “He tells me some of the stuff he did and I said, ‘DG, there’s no way I can do that. No way I can run 4 400s, 3 300s, 2 200s and then go run these hills with you. I’m dead doing the hills alone.’ Anytime you have a guy who can run 4 400s [and] at the same time sprint with the sprinters, that’s a beast.”