Redskins notes: RG III statue; blogger quits

A little this and that:

Bronzed: Baylor announced plans to build a statue of quarterback Robert Griffin III at its new stadium when it opens in August. This had been in the works for a while – Griffin knew about the possibility during the season and, in fact, had photos taken of him for the project a year ago-- but the project was completed in May. The 9-foot statue will be unveiled before Baylor’s game against SMU on Aug. 31. Griffin is Baylor’s lone Heisman Trophy winner and obviously was given a lot of credit for Baylor’s rise. At some point the school will have to find a way to honor its coach, Art Briles (perhaps when he’s done there).

On second thought: Ben Tribbett, hired by the Redskins as a blogger to help in the name battle, announced his resignation via Twitter after only two weeks. Tribbett said on Twitter that, “I don’t want to be a distraction to the team as the political attacks have shifted towards being personal towards me.” He added in a separate tweet that he wanted the debate to be over the name and not over what anything he has said or done in the past. Tribbett, considered a liberal blogger, had been vocal in his support of the name in the past. But he’s also the one who wrote harshly about former Virginia Governor and Senator George Allen after he used the word “macacca” in a 2006 campaign. And Indian Country Today wrote about a few missteps by Tribbett in the past, including a tweet about an encounter at a casino. Tribbett tweeted, “Just took Chief for his last 300. I’d call it a scalping but that seems uncalled for.” Another move that backfired on the Redskins. Regardless of where you stand on this issue, their attempts to win the public over on the name front have not helped.

American Muscle: Receiver Pierre Garcon and nose tackle Chris Neild both will appear on the Discovery Channel series "American Muscle" this summer (it debuts at 9 p.m. Wednesday). I’ll be talking to Mike Barwis, who worked with them on the show, Tuesday morning for a post later in the day. I'm curious to hear how this came about and what sort of work they did. Neild is on the bubble this camp while Garcon is coming off a record season. A key part of Garcon’s game is his ability to play physical. I’d say it’s underrated, but I don’t think that’s the case so I guess I won’t say that. But it does allow him to be effective on bubble screens and other short routes because he has an ability to break tackles. Among other players featured on the show: Seattle corner Richard Sherman.

Lauvao’s progress: Redskins offensive line coach Chris Foerster said of new guard Shawn Lauvao last month: “He got better every day. It was all new to him. He needs to get out there and play. He’s more of a practice guy; he needs to be out there doing it. Trent [Williams] can make a lot of guys look good when they play next to him. He’s doing a good job with Shawn teaching him how to do things and [Lauvao] made huge strides from voluntary minicamp.”

Oops! A college student was asked his opinion on the Redskins name – and it turned out to be a break the police in another town needed. Jacob Close, 25, and a Bloomsburg (Pennsylvania) University student, was spotted by Ithaca, New York, police in the Bloomsburg Press Enterprise after his picture ran in conjunction with a story on the Redskins name. Turns out Close was wanted for jumping bail in a drug/DUI-related case, according to the Press Enterprise. The paper reported that campus police had been searching for him for more than a month after being contacted by Ithaca City Police in May. For what it’s worth, Close said the team should keep the nickname but change the mascot to a potato.