DeAngelo Hall: 'I'll take myself'

DeAngelo Hall isn’t going to proclaim himself as the NFL’s best corner. Then again, he’s not going to say anyone is better. All he wants for others to do is check his film and then compare.

Three days ago, Hall posted a series of tweets that suggested annoyance at not being included when there were discussions about the NFL’s top corners. Among his tweets: “I'm listening to this debate about who's the Best CB in the league. All I have to say is the film don't Lie... Go put mine on and let's talk

He’s coming off one of his best seasons, but when there’s a discussion it usually involves players such as Seattle’s Richard Sherman, with whom Hall debated on Twitter about this in the offseason, or Arizona’s Patrick Peterson.

Hall often was asked to cover the opposition’s best receiver. Last season, that list included Detroit’s Calvin Johnson, Chicago’s Brandon Marshall and Dallas’ Dez Bryant among others. In many ways Hall had a better year than when he last made the Pro Bowl in 2010; a 3-13 season did not help his cause.

“As a corner if you don’t feel like you’re the best, you’ve got a problem right there. I never said I was the best. I would be a fool to think 11 years in I’m the best in the game right now,” Hall said. “I definitely think I’m pretty successful at what I do. If you really watch film, I put my film against any corner in the league and we’ll see what he does and we’ll see what I do and we can go from there. If you put me out there against a receiver, any one of them, I’ll take my chances. I never said I was the best, but I definitely feel I should be in the conversation.”

Hall said he’s not sure why he’s not included, saying perhaps it’s his reputation. He did not play as strong in 2012 as he did a year ago, though in the previous year he was often covering in the slot. Last season he stayed outside. Some critics say he’s not as strong in off-man coverage as he is when playing press.

“My reputation precedes me a little bit,” Hall said. “I don’t go out there to please the media or the guys who are ranking corners. Probably earlier in my career I did, but now I’m all about just – the proof is in the pudding. I let my play speak for itself, but if you sit down and watch film and compare my numbers against those guys – any corner – I’ll take myself in a heartbeat.”