RG III falls to No. 10 on best under-25 list

RICHMOND, VA. -- A year ago Robert Griffin III was higher on this list. And after this season he might be higher as well; that’s what the Redskins hope.

For now, though, he’s still among the top 10 players under 25 years oldInsider, according to this ESPN Insider piece by Mike Sando and Mel Kiper, Jr. Griffin was listed at No. 10, five spots lower than he was in 2013.

He’s the second of two quarterbacks included among the top 25; Indianapolis’ Andrew Luck tops on the list. For what it’s worth, tight end Jordan Reed was included among those also receiving consideration. No other Redskins player under 25 was included.

As for Griffin, they acknowledged that he wasn’t right physically last season. The reality is that his knee was sound but his lack of an offseason was a killer. He couldn’t grow as a passer and defenses had an easier time defending him.

Sando wrote an Insiders’ piece last monthInsider in which he talked to executives, coaches and scouts as well as players. In the story, there were many questions about Griffin, who was rated as the 19th-best quarterback.

Part of what Sando and Kiper wrote of Griffin on their under-25 list:

“Many of them said they would have been much more positive a year earlier. The feeling here is that the truth lies somewhere in between and that Griffin has enough going for him to warrant inclusion here -- for his talent, for what he showed in 2012 (he played at a borderline MVP level) and because of the importance of his position. He does suddenly have a lot more to prove.”