Redskins wake-up call: 3 areas to watch

Three areas I'll monitor during Saturday's practice:

  1. The Redskins will be in full pads Saturday for the first time this camp. It’ll be interesting to see how Redskins coach Jay Gruden handles live contact compared to Mike Shanahan. Not sure there will be much difference but we’ll see. Shanahan allowed players to wear shoulder pads and shorts. The Redskins practice in the morning then have a walk-through in the afternoon.

  2. One drill I hope to see Saturday is the one-on-one between the offensive and defensive lines. The drill is more favorable to the defensive line because they don’t have to worry about anything other than rushing the passer -- and they don’t have to worry about any help. In a game, there’s often help for an offensive lineman. However, to say it’s not revealing would be wrong. That’s why it’s one of my favorite drills -- you can see how a player handles certain rushes and if they have issues in protection (or as a rusher). For an offensive lineman, you see where they put their hands, how they bend, their base, their ability to anchor For the pass rushers you can see their explosiveness or how they use their hands and what moves they might have or be working on. Love this drill.

  3. The offensive consistency. Here’s the thing about these workouts: If one side of the ball looks good, there’s also concern because the other side does not. So if the defense looks good Saturday, then is that a bad thing? No. But what I’d like to see is another day like Friday for Robert Griffin III. That’s how he can build momentum. Every day won’t be perfect, but he can be more consistent with his passes. Is he going to be up and down this summer or will be become a consistent passer? On the first day he was erratic, but not so on the second day when he was much, much better.