RG III report: Keeping WRs happy

RICHMOND, VA. -- This challenge beats the alternative which, in this case, would mean a lack of talent and no options. The Washington Redskins, though, have plenty of talent at receiver. So it's quarterback Robert Griffin III's job to keep everyone happy.

A quarterback would much rather be asked how he can keep everyone happy than this: "Do you have anyone to throw to?" The Redskins have options; good options. Griffin just has to make it work.

"We don't worry about it," Griffin said. "The ball's going to the open guy and if we have mismatch problems out there we'll attack that guy and each guy knows that. It's not something for us to worry about. My job is to keep an open line of communication to them, just talking about the routes we're running and less about,'You need to get the ball more' and more about, 'Run the route this way against this coverage.'"

But the reality is that Pierre Garcon, DeSean Jackson, Andre Roberts and tight end Jordan Reed all want to get the ball. Garcon caught 113 passes last season; Jackson caught 82. It could be that both players have a reduced number of catches. As long as the Redskins are winning, players will be willing to forego stats.

It's not as if Griffin is unaware of keeping his teammates happy.

"I'm conscientious and aware of who's getting balls and who needs to get more work in a day, just based on how many passes I feel they're getting," Griffin said. "That's something for me to manage. They don't come to me about it, which is a great thing."

As for Griffin's day Thursday: It wasn't bad. Can't say he was throwing with pinpoint control, but what you continue to see is the player resembling the 2012 version in terms of how he runs and with where he misses targets. Just not as erratic as last summer or season. Griffin definitely missed on a couple throws; one was a little behind receiver Ryan Grant and another was just behind Reed.

Griffin could not unload a bootleg pass on one play, though both receivers to the side he ran were covered so he had no choice. They ran a bootleg two plays later and now with three options, found Reed.

Another time Griffin again showed he can be a run threat. The defense was in man, the middle of the field opened up and Griffin took off. He's running much better than last season, without a doubt. There's no wondering if he can turn the corner on anyone or not. The Redskins also ran him on a couple of zone read plays.