Redskins rookie report: Bashaud Breeland

RICHMOND, VA. -- I'll take a periodic look at each Washington Redskins rookie, what they're learning and what they still must learn, as the summer unfolds. Today: corner Bashaud Breeland, a fourth-round pick.

What he's already shown: Aggressiveness and physical play. That's what he also showed in college. He also showed that he no longer needs to grab all the time. In the spring Breeland was way too grabby, not just incidental contact but rather he was always grabbing receivers on routes. But he's not doing that anymore. He did get called for one holding penalty Thursday, but that's different than holding or grabbing every play.

"It's my technique at the line," he said. "I'm putting myself in better position so I don't have to grab and just following the vets and the way they're doing things. It's my feet, it's my shuffle and agility. That's one thing [secondary coach] Raheem Morris always harps about. If I can get that right, it'll put me in a position to make plays."

What he must show: Consistency. Breeland is now going against legitimate receivers, notably Andre Roberts (who drew an illegal contact foul from Breeland Thursday). But he did show good coverage against Santana Moss, though he still ended up catching a pass. "He has a long way," Haslett said. "He has things he has to learn. He played two or three coverages in college.

"Everything's new. He reminds me of where David [Amerson] was a year ago. It takes time. In the meantime he'll be a great special teams player when needed. I hope he comes along fast because I like his attitude. I like his length. I like this toughness. Whatever his 40 time was, that's bullcrap because the guy can run. He'll be a heck of a player, it will just take time."

Projection: Breeland will be a backup corner, no better than No. 4 as a rookie barring injuries. But his physical play is worth developing and will make him an asset on special teams. He'll need a year or two but he has a shot to be a help.