Jay Gruden wants game-day improvement

ASHBURN, Va. -- The first preseason game enabled the coaches to learn more about their players. It also enabled Washington Redskins coach Jay Gruden to learn more about what he must do as well.

Gruden said there were areas he wanted to improve how he handles games, which he’s hoping to implement against Cleveland on Monday. He’s a first-time head coach who is honest about what he learned in the opener against New England.

It was mainly simple things, as he called them, starting with pregame warm-ups. But it was a learning experience.

“I need to fix my game-day awareness, just having a headset on, sometimes I get so focused in on offense and what’s going on,” Gruden said. “I’m reading the iPad thing and looking at the plays and there’s a game going on out there that I’ve got to watch. There are things I need to focus on more and the preseason games are equally as important for the coaches as they are for players.”

Gruden has called plays the past three years, but his focus obviously was strictly offense. And being a head coach for the first time means he’s in charge of everything, from what time the buses leave for the stadium to when players warm up and for how long.

“Just little things like how long we’re out there for stretching and one-on-ones and all that stuff -- just a couple things that I didn’t feel comfortable about,” Gruden said. “[There’s] certain things you just don’t really think about and pregame warm-up is one of them. ‘Oh, pregame warm-up?’”