Power Rankings: No. 27 Washington

A weekly examination of the Redskins' ESPN.com Power Ranking:

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The Washington Redskins continue to fall: in the standings, in their fans' eyes, in just about everything these days. And yes, they’re falling in the ESPN.com Power Rankings.

All of the above happens when you’re 3-7 in a season that began with high expectations. Yes, everyone knew about the salary cap issues and the fact Robert Griffin III had missed the entire offseason because of his knee and, therefore, a lot of time to develop as a passer.

That doesn’t change the fact that the organization held those same high expectations knowing the above facts. They weren’t alone, of course, as many picked them to finish first in the NFC East (including myself). Now look where they are: in last place and trailing (by one game) a team that began the season 0-6.

Washington now ranks 27th in the NFL, ahead of only Tampa Bay, Houston, Atlanta, Minnesota and Jacksonville. But to show you how weird the NFL can be: Four of those bottom six teams made the playoffs in 2012. Currently, three of the top five teams in the rankings failed to make the playoffs last season. In other words, one year does not mean much for the next, and it’s why the Redskins will embark on a serious spending spree in the offseason knowing that just because they’ll post a bad record (barring a miracle of course) in 2013, they can rebound in 2014. Agree or not, that will be the thinking, and the proof exists every year that some teams will take dramatic turns. The Redskins have taken one in each of the past two seasons. At some point a level of consistency would be appreciated by their fans, I'm sure.

Oh, and another thing: The Redskins have played seven games against teams currently in the top 15. They’re 1-6. They have three games remaining against teams in the top 14 (No. 3 Kansas City, No. 9 San Francisco and No. 14 Dallas -- all at home). They also have three games against teams ranked low (No. 22 New York, twice; No. 30 Atlanta). Right now, it’s hard to like the Redskins against many teams.