How Redskins lost out on Graham

Cornerback Corey Graham was getting ready for dinner with Washington officials Wednesday. Then a phone call caused a U-turn, at least when it came to his future home.

Courtesy of ESPN Bills reporter Mike Rodak, Graham told Buffalo reporters via conference call that his agent called him in his Virginia hotel room with the Bills’ four-year offer.

“It was a no-brainer for me to sign the deal,” Graham said. “To have the opportunity to go back home and play for the Buffalo Bills, and be in my hometown, the help I could give the kids in my community in my hometown, it was like a no-brainer for me.”

Here’s what Graham, who was at Redskins Park Wednesday, said about how it went down:

“I’m meeting with the coaches and doing everything in Washington. And then my agent called me – it’s weird, because I was in a film session with the coaches in Washington. And then someone comes in and says, ‘Your agent wants you to call him like right now.’ In the middle of the film session. So I go call my agent and he tells me about the situation with Buffalo, that they’re very serious and everything. It really came down to that. They got to talking and they did their thing, whatever they did. And then my agent calls me and I’m in my hotel room now getting ready to go to dinner with Washington. And he calls me and tells me about the deal and how everything’s going down.”

And then the Redskins lost out on a player they hoped could help them in the slot and on special teams.