How the Redskins fared in the Pro Bowl

In case you were doing something productive last night and missed the Pro Bowl, here’s how the Redskins' three players fared:

  • Trent Williams alternated between left and right tackle and did nothing of note. But that’s probably a good thing considering how much pressure was applied on the quarterbacks all game. Players displayed much more intensity than a year ago when the game resembled flag football. And it was noticeable on pass rushes as the quarterbacks were under pressure much of the game (a combined nine sacks; makes sense as this sort of setup is not good for offensive linemen, who fare better when working as a group). But Williams did not give up any sacks. He did allow a little pressure in the fourth quarter off a stunt, but it did not result in a hit.

  • Linebacker Brian Orakpo never rushed the passer, but that’s because the teams used a 4-3 front so he was dropping into coverage whenever he played. Orakpo played the strong side and often played man versus Atlanta tight end, and future Hall of Famer, Tony Gonzalez. There was one big gain on Orakpo’s side when he dropped into zone and Gonzalez found a big opening on the right seam.

  • Running back Alfred Morris had the most noteworthy game with four receptions for 69 yards. He made someone miss every time he ran in the open field. Yes, it’s an all-star game so there’s a different sense of urgency perhaps by defenders and it might have impacted one 19-yard catch (at least initially). But, again, the hitting was pretty good much of the night so it’s not like defenders were letting them do whatever they wanted.

  • Morris has caught 20 passes in his first two years combined, with a one-game high of three.

  • Morris ran the ball twice for 4 yards. I liked how he cleanly caught the ball, more so than he’s shown the past two years. But Morris also fumbled at the end of one reception, when he ran into a group of defenders. He lost the ball after his first carry, too, but it came after he was down. I’d say this likely stems from not having any contact for nearly a month, but Morris also had some issues with this during the season.

  • Morris had a 27-yard catch and run, but that wasn’t his best moment. Rather, that came when quarterback Cam Newton was in trouble and ran to his right, dumping the ball to his back. Morris should have lost a couple yards as Dallas’ Jason Hatcher grabbed his jersey and spun him around. But he broke free and another defender grabbed his jersey, only to lose a grip. Morris then broke a tackle and managed a 19-yard gain. Morris broke a tackle on his next catch as well, pushing the ball inside the 5.

  • In Jay Gruden’s three seasons with Cincinnati, there was only one season in which a running back caught more than 22 passes. But it happened to be this past season when rookie Giovani Bernard caught 56; he split time with BenJarvus Green-Ellis as the primary back (both players carried the ball at least 170 times). If Morris improved in this area it certainly would help and keep the defense guessing a little more. But if Morris is going to carry the ball around 300 times, then it’s still wise to use Roy Helu in this area on third downs just to limit the punishment.

  • Alas, these three Redskins could not even get a win in the Pro Bowl as Team Rice beat Team Prime, 22-21, on a late touchdown and two-point conversion. That's nine straight games these three have lost. I'm guessing this one did not sting the same as the other eight.