Behind enemy lines: Eagles links

Everything is focused on Chip Kelly’s offense -- how it will look; how it will perform. The Eagles’ though, have offensive talent to make most schemes work. The defense is another matter. And that’s what could be more troublesome Monday night.

ESPN.com’s Phil Sheridan wrote about this angle, talking to Eagles defensive coordinator Bill Davis. The Eagles’ D, coming off a bad season, switched from a 4-3 to a 3-4. That usually takes time. To baptize this change, the Eagles drew an explosive Redskins team that keeps defenses guessing.

“Yeah, I'm very anxious for the Redskins to show us who we are and where we are,” Davis said. “I don't know what's coming. The truth will be, at the end of that game, we will know defensively how far along we are. ...No matter what I wish for or what I want -- doesn't matter. The game will show us who we are.”

Here is a link to Sheridan’s stories this week. He wrote about the fight between Riley Cooper and Cary Williams, revealing perhaps some lingering issues. And about Michael Vick and Robert Griffin III.

• At CSNPhilly, John Gonzalez writes about the Eagles having to deal with fake injuries to slow the tempo. Would it be surprising to see a Redskins player, or two, get “hurt” after a big play or in the red zone to slow the tempo? Of course not.

• CSNPhilly’s Geoff Mosher updates the Eagles’ injury list.

• Trent Cole is making the transition from 4-3 defensive end to 3-4 outside linebacker.

• Some interesting stuff here from an unnamed scout taking a look at the Eagles. He wasn’t impressed with the Eagles’ QBs.