David Amerson: 'I feel fine'

ASHBURN, Va. -- Washington Redskins cornerback David Amerson said he’s fine after suffering a concussion in Sunday’s 31-16 loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

Amerson said he will practice Wednesday, though it’s uncertain how much he’ll be able to participate. Amerson also said his scores on one test he took Tuesday were low and that he’ll need to be re-tested. A player must be monitored daily by a neurosurgeon to make sure symptoms don’t return. Doctors also will determine how much activity he can do on a daily basis.

“I feel fine,” Amerson said. ""I don’t feel too much different besides when it happened on Sunday. But I feel fine now. It was my first time ever having a concussion so I was woozy, but it wasn’t bad. I slept OK, I wasn’t too sensitive to light or anything like that so everything was good.”

Amerson was hit hard on a play that he said was helmet to helmet by Dallas’ Cameron Lawrence on a 90-yard kickoff return in the second half.

“There’s no way you can see that coming,” Amerson said. “It’s part of the game, you just tough it up and move on.”