Hall says team name should change

Washington Redskins corner DeAngelo Hall was asked to keep it real by the host. He did just that, whether it came to the name change (they should) or who was the best man-to-man corner in the NFL (himself).

The first bit of news that came from his appearance on Fox's Keepin' It Real with Mike Hill was whether the Redskins should, indeed, change their name. It's sort of been a major topic over the past year, in case you hadn't noticed. Hall hemmed and hawed.

"Gosh, man, they probably should but they won't," he said."They won't for a while at least."

It's a topic players did not want to address this season, knowing the sensitivity on both sides. Also, because they'd rather talk about upcoming games than a name debate. Their job is to prepare for games and then play them.

"I think eventually they will change it," Hall said.

But that wasn't the only interesting comment he made. Hall also was pressed on where he stood as a corner in the NFL.

"If you lined up the top five receivers in the NFL and had one guy go out there and cover them, I'd put myself out there before anyone else," Hall said."Before Richard Sherman, before [Darrelle] Revis, before [Patrick] Peterson. Before anyone else. If you're asking me to lock one guy up there ain't nobody better than me."

Hill pressed Hall on the topic, asking him if Sherman were in the room with them, would he tell him the same thing.

"Absolutely," Hall said."In man-to-man coverage ain't nobody better than me."

Yes, he will get ripped for those comments. But corners survive on their confidence and Hall showed this season he's still excellent in press man coverage. It's when he played his best. In other coverages he was not as effective.

As for whether or not he'd sign with any team for $1 million this offseason the pending free agent said,"Absolutely not. There ain't no way that's gonna happen. Gotta get paid."

Of course, he would receive a bonus with that as well so I'm not sure that's relevant.

Finally, he said he thinks Mike Shanahan's firing was just.

"In a result-based business, yes," he said."You've got to win games. Was it fair? Probably not. In the losses we had we were just a couple plays away here or there that we just didn't make ... He definitely can coach in this league."

He also said of Shanahan,"He's the tannest person I know. Middle of the winter, he's the darkest dude out there."