Update: DeSean Jackson and Redskins

Here's what I know as of Tuesday morning regarding receiver DeSean Jackson and the Redskins:

  • There is not yet a deal, according to multiple sources. But to say it doesn't look promising for the Redskins would be wrong. Very wrong. However, I've seen them close to making other big acquisitions over the years only to lose out at the last minute (Jay Cutler, Eddie Royal). So until a contract is signed, nothing is done. Various reports out of Philadelphia have called it a done deal (97.5's Tim McManus and ABC-6's Jeff Skversky). Skversky caught up with Jackson at Dulles airport. Perhaps that's what Jackson is telling people. Royal told people the same thing a couple of years ago. So did Cutler. Hence the caution.

  • Would I be surprised if it doesn’t happen? At this point, yes. And I think those who have spent time around Jackson in the past few days would say the same thing. One person said he was very confident it would happen.

  • Jackson will visit Redskins Park Tuesday and meet with the coaches and members of the front office. He dined with some of the coaches Monday night.

  • Though I wonder if this is a unanimous decision in the organization, I was told that coach Jay Gruden really wants Jackson. I was also told that Jackson was very, very high on his desire to join the Redskins. When both sides really want something, it's the first, second and third steps toward making that happen. But even the person who said Jackson was that high on the Redskins acknowledged that the money had to be right. So desire won't trump all.

  • There is a great deal of excitement by the players over Jackson's potential arrival and what could be done in this offense. There's a sense by some that Jackson is driven as much by his late father as anything and that he's not as bad as portrayed.

  • And the addition of safety Ryan Clark adds even stronger leadership in the locker room to help diffuse any potential situations. Some things always pop up, but some players need more attention.