Jon Gruden hoping for inside info

It'll be interesting to hear Jon Gruden analyze a Washington Redskins game this season, assuming they have at least one "Monday Night Football" appearance. Considering they have a new coach and still have Robert Griffin III, it would be surprising if they weren't on at least once.

Regardless, pay attention to Jon Gruden's words. After all, his brother, Jay, is the new coach. And, yes, they will talk (Gruden and the MFN team always talk to the coaches before games; I have a hunch they'll talk long before that meeting, too).

“He better give me some information,” Jon Gruden said on ESPN's "Mike & Mike in the Morning" on Wednesday. “No, I’m going to treat it as professionally as I can. But I’m sure, being that he is my brother, he will trust me with some inside information, like who’s going to be starting in a game. Maybe he’ll give me something like that.”

Gruden was asked what he thought of his brother taking over as coach of the Redskins.

“Well, I’m really proud obviously,” he said. “Here’s a guy that not only is my brother, but he did it the right way. He played in Arena football, he played for Howard Schnellenberger at Louisville -- that’s some tough two-a-day practices -- was my assistant for seven years in Tampa, and really did double days. He coached for the Orlando Predators in the spring and coached for us in the fall. I remember one year he coached in 40 games. So he’s done it the hard way. He gets the keys to one of the NFL’s most global franchises. It’s recognized, I think, around the world. This has got a great tradition, a world-championship tradition. It’s a tremendous responsibility, and I’m happy for him. I expect him to make the most of it.”

That's all he had to say about his brother taking over. He did discuss this weekend's playoff games in case you care. Gruden didn't say who he liked in the AFC matchup between Denver and New England. But he does expect a lot of running.

"Both of these defenses are depleted from a personnel standpoint," he said. "Both of these secondaries have tremendous respect for these quarterbacks, so they do play more coverage so it's easier to run the ball, and finally the elements might have something to do with running the ball in Denver where it does get cold and both teams have very good backs."

In the NFC, he likes Seattle over San Francisco.

"Mike Tirico and I agreed at the end of the year these are the two best teams that we saw," Gruden said. "You'll get a physical game. I do think the 49ers are playing better than Seattle. Going up to Seattle, there's something about that place. It's a tough place on a visiting team. It will be a physical, ugly, vicious game. I pick Seattle to win in a tight one."