Expert's take: Kirk Cousins' value

For the fourth installment of Expert's Take, we'll look at another hot topic: Kirk Cousins' value. The backup quarterback said he would welcome a trade, as you already know. So I posed the question about what he might fetch to two people who have worked in the NFL: former NFL executive, player and scout Louis Riddick (now an ESPN NFL Insider) and former NFL and college scout Matt Williamson (now ESPN's NFL scout).

There’s a lot of talk about trading quarterback Kirk Cousins. What do you think the Redskins could get in a deal for him?

Matt Williamson: I’m probably lower on him than those around the league. I tend to think the only teams interested in [a quarterback] are those picking at the beginning of a round. So I would not give up an early second for him. That’s too much, and I don’t know if Washington would take an early third. Maybe a third and a fifth or something along those lines. I’d have a hard time getting rid of a top 40 -- or a top 50 pick even. He’s another one who will hit his head on the ceiling soon. He has average tools. He’s probably a low-end starter that can have maybe an Alex Smith-like career. The more I watch him, he’s still who I think he is. He has an OK arm and he’s not afraid to pull the trigger, which is good. He sees the field pretty well, but he can’t make every throw consistently. He competes hard and he’s an above average athlete. But you don’t look at him and say, ‘He’s only going to get better, and he’ll be a starter for the next 10 years.' He may start a lot of games over the next 10 years, but I don’t think anyone’s thrilled by that.

Louis Riddick: Could I see him getting a mid-round pick -- capped probably at a third-round pick? Yeah, I could see that happening. Obviously it’s a greater likelihood that it would happen in a place where people are familiar with him or had a high grade on him out of college. When you think of it that way, you immediately think about Cleveland and what Kyle Shanahan’s influence will be impacting the position being that [GM] Ray Farmer and [head coach] Mike Pettine are trying to establish themselves. They may have other ideas [about] what to do at quarterback. At a place like that, where he has that familiarity, I could see him going as high as a third. But not much more than that. There’s a lot of hope he would raise his value, and I don’t think that happened. I don’t know if there are enough connections out there that someone would be willing to extend for him to get him and make one of those offers that has us all going, ‘Whoa, where did that come from?’

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