Collinsworth: Never seen anything like this

Former NFL quarterback Phil Simms called it a good thing. Former NFL receiver Cris Collinsworth called the entire mess unprecedented.

When it comes to the Washington Redskins and Robert Griffin III, there are endless opinions on what has transpired. Because both Simms and Collinsworth played the game and remain in it as broadcasters, for CBS and NBC, respectively, their takes are interesting.

Talking on Showtime's Inside the NFL, Simms said benching Griffin did not bother him.

"You could say performance wise they needed to make a change to help the football team," Simms said. "There are a lot of things, are they doing for spite? Doesn't matter. I do agree with this premise: Sit him down, let him make sure he's healthy, see what he can learn from the sidelines. I don't disagree with that premise -- if you do buy that premise."

Collinsworth then spoke to the dysfunction surrounding the franchise.

"I have honestly never seen anything like what's going on in Washington right now," he said. "I mean, since maybe the old days of the New York Yankees and Billy Martin. It is a soap opera. There are so many layers to what's going on in Washington right now, you just wonder could it ever possibly be fixed. And I guess they're just going to blow it up again and start all over again. Who knows what they're going to do? But this is as strange an end to the football season as I've ever seen."

Simms then returned the conversation to Griffin.

"He did need to step back, RG3," Simms said. "He needed to step back and it does help you… When you come back I do believe it makes you a different, and most of the time a better, player."

It will certainly make him more motivated. And what will make him better is a full offseason devoted to improving in the pocket, something he could not do last offseason. He needs to have a strong offseason to show his teammate how he'll respond to this situation, especially if Kirk Cousins continues to play well.

"The most interesting part for Washington's situation is what is happening in that locker room," Collinsworth said, "and how do those players feel about Robert Griffin. I don't know the answer to that question. I've heard bits and pieces of things, but I think Robert could do a lot in this offseason with his work ethic, with his relationship with teammates, to make this football team better next year."