Behind Enemy Lines: Martellus Bennett

Apparently the weather forecast might be a bigger deal to Chicago Bears tight end Martellus Bennett than anyone else. Considering his success this season, the Redskins might want to hope the forecast changes for Sunday.

Bennett has caught 31 passes for 349 yards and three touchdowns. He's listed as questionable for Sunday's game because of his knee.

“I have, like when the weather is bad I have SAD, like seasonal whatever [seasonal affective disorder],” Bennett said in a conference call earlier this week. “I suffer from weather depression basically, so I just say I’m solar-powered. So if the sun’s not out, I’m the first person that everybody comes to like, ‘Hey, the sun’s not out. No demons today. Make sure you find some kind of sunlight somewhere to go ahead and practice,’ you know, because I’m solar-powered.”

OK. Just so you know: The forecast for Sunday is mid-60s and sunny

Bennett has helped transform the Bears’ offense, part of a productive passing attack that also features receivers Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery. Running back Matt Forte also is a solid all-around player and an excellent pass-protector.

Anyway, here are a couple other Bennett highlights followed by some Bears’ links:

On the Redskins’ defense: I think they have a lot of good players over there. I always look forward to playing against [linebacker London] Fletcher. He’s one of the best guys to go against. He’s got so much passion and enthusiasm when you play against him that he brings it out of you as well, so I look forward to playing against him. And then [linebacker Brian] Orakpo and [linebacker Ryan] Kerrigan, you know they come with it and then [nose tackle Barry] Cofield has been doing a great job in the middle of the front, so I think their front seven is pretty good.”

On how the Redskins cover tight ends and how that compares to what other 3-4 defenses do: “Honestly, every tight end is different. I have no clue what they will do against me because every single game, every team that I’ve played against, they’ve been playing me different than they’ve played other tight ends. I know last year when I played against them they had London on me a lot and then [linebacker Perry] Riley Jr. had the duty the second time, so I look forward to playing against them … We’ll see how it starts off this week.”

On quarterback Jay Cutler: “I think his biggest thing is he’s just trusting everybody that’s around him from the receivers to the offensive line to the coaches. I think that’s the biggest thing for him this year; he can trust everybody to do their job and he can feel like he doesn’t have to do a whole lot. It doesn’t feel like the whole team is on his shoulders. If he throws the ball up, he’s got four or five guys that can go get it. The offensive line is going to protect him so he can just focus on his drops and stepping up in the pocket. I think his biggest thing is just trusting the other guys around him and letting his body and his athletic ability take care of everything else.”

And now for some other Bears reading:

  • Chicago linebacker Lance Briggs says Robert Griffin III hasn’t lost a step. Heck, even if Griffin does lose a step he’s still plenty fast enough. Here’s what Briggs said about Griffin after seeing the Dallas game: "I don't know, that second half, that burst was there. That burst looked pretty good. Don't be deceived. Don't be deceived at all. He's playing better and better each week. Watching him in that second half against Dallas, I saw him pull away from some guys running the ball."

  • The Bears are starting rookies at right tackle (Jordan Mills) and right guard (Kyle Long). It hasn’t hurt them at all.

  • Chicago receiver Brandon Marshall said quarterback Jay Cutler is doing a great job as a leader. “Jay’s doing an amazing job of not only doing the things he needs to do, but he’s getting everyone lined up,” Marshall said. “He’s walking us through routes, showing us how he would like it. The trickle-down effect has been good from his leadership."