Carl Ehrlich

After captaining the 2009 Harvard Football team, Carl Ehrlich played professional football for the Valencia Firebats of Spain. Since hanging up his cleats, he has been filling up his passport doing humanitarian work in Southeast Asia. In addition to his travel notebooks, he has previously written for and the New York Times.

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Checking in on the Tour de France

Carl Ehrlich recounts his Tour de France viewing experience.

Ehrlich diary: Cup Half Full

Soccer used to be a no-no in the Ehrlich home. But as a resident of Spain, Carl -- and his parents -- have jumped on the World Cup bandwagon.

Ehrlich diary: Searching for Mojo

Carl Ehrlich's search for his Mojo got some help from Landon Donovan.

Ehrlich diary: Rivalry renewed in finals

Carl Ehrlich and the Valencia Firebats are preparing for the title game.

Ehrlich diary: Football 101

Teaching football to Spanish children takes thought -- and patience.

Ehrlich diary: Something to celebrate

In this week's diary, Carl Ehrlich finds something to celebrate, but does his celebration measure up?

Ehrlich diary: Locked up abroad

In this week's diary, Carl Ehrlich talks about the Firebats' interesting accommodations on their road trip to face the Bergamo Lions.

Ehrlich diary: "Panzer" inspires

In this week's diary, Carl Ehrlich talks about Valencia's president coming out of retirement.

Ehrlich diary: Las Fallas workout plan

In this week's diary, Carl Ehlrich describes how you can still get a workout during the festival of Las Fallas.

Ehrlich diary: Las Fallas, Part 1

Carl Ehrlich had never heard of football practice being canceled until he experienced the Valencian festival of Las Fallas.

Time to run and tell Mom

In Barcelona, Carl Ehrlich learns the dangers of trash talking.

When friend becomes foe

Carl Ehrlich puts friendship aside (sort of) with first place on the line.

Ehrlich doesn't earn his stripes

Harvard University's Carl Ehrlich doesn't earn his stripes as makeshift referee.

Importance of sport on display

Awards ceremony shows the importance of sport in Valencia, Spain.

Game 1: International incident

Ex-Harvard lineman plays his first game in Spain

Diary of a Firebat

Ex-Harvard captain Carl Ehrlich tells of his decision to play pro football in Spain.