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  • Crunching numbers of newest Sox

    What kind of statistical impact will Napoli, Gomes and Victorino bring?

    Pats are outpacing 2007 juggernaut

    This Pats team is outscoring the 2007 squad but doing it in a different way.

    Patriots on historic scoring run

    Numbers show how remarkable Pats' scoring output has been.

    Red Sox wise to steer clear

    Ben Cherington was wise to steer clear of the Marlins' fire sale.

    For FA starters, it's buyer beware

    When it comes to free-agent starting pitchers, it's buyer beware.

    Has Tom Brady lost his magic?

    Have Tom Brady and the Patriots lost their fourth-quarter magic?

    Red Sox have gaps in outfield

    With outfield gaps to fill, the Red Sox should start by re-signing Cody Ross.

    Will Jose Iglesias drive fans batty?

    What is the true value of Jose Iglesias' spectacular defense at shortstop?

    Thirsting for a first baseman

    The Red Sox desperately need a first baseman, but the pickings are slim.

    Taking stock of starters market

    The Sox can afford it, so let's take stock of the free-agent market for starters.

    Stevan Ridley off and running

    It's not just the yards that bode well for Stevan Ridley, it's how he got them.

    What a difference a year makes

    It now has been a full calendar year since the decline of the Red Sox began.

    Impatient Red Sox missing out

    You'd never know the Sox were once a team that prided itself on patience.

    Underperformance is the real issue

    Easy to blame injuries, but underperformance is bigger Sox issue.

    David Ortiz having season for ages

    With No. 400 next for David Ortiz, another 100 might be within his reach.

    A patchwork masterpiece

    How the Red Sox have pieced together a productive outfield.

    What's wrong with Adrian Gonzalez?

    Numbers suggest A-Gon has developed bad habits as his slump deepens.

    Bard's decline: What happened?

    Breaking down Daniel Bard's failed transition from reliever to starter.

    Bullpen has turned season around

    After a rocky start, the Red Sox bullpen has turned its season around.

    Youkilis should get job back

    There are a number of reasons Kevin Youkilis should get his job back.

    Examining Sox staff's horrific April

    The numbers don't lie: The Red Sox pitching has been epically bad in April.

    Measuring Red Sox's slow starts

    Are the slow starts for Beckett, Ellsbury, Melancon and Youkilis cause for panic?

    Can Red Sox avoid slow start?

    What are the keys to the Red Sox avoiding another slow start?

    Why Pats' signings make sense

    The numbers show that Tom Brady's new targets will fill holes in N.E.'s offense

    Pitches that will make or break 'pen

    A look at the pitches that will make or break the Red Sox bullpen in 2012.

    Who'll be Boston's fifth starter?

    With five battling for the fifth spot in the rotation, the Red Sox have options.

    Crawford's best spot in lineup is No. 7

    The best spot for Carl Crawford in the Sox lineup is No. 7.

    Hey, big spenders?

    The Sox went thrifty in free agency, but that doesn't mean they've gone cheap.

    Offensively, it's a toss-up

    The Pats and Giants have the NFL's most prolific receivers, enriching this matchup.

    Can Patriots protect Tom Brady?

    Numbers show the Patriots' offensive line could meet the challenge.

    Gronk, Hernandez making history

    Pats TEs Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez keep piling up record stats.

    Win or lose, Brady makes history

    Tom Brady will make history this weekend whether he likes it or not.

    How bad are Pats' 1st-quarter woes?

    How bad are the Pats' first-quarter woes? We examine some key metrics.

    What Bailey brings, and what's next

    Breaking down the Andrew Bailey trade and what might be next for the Sox.

    How big of a concern is Patriots' D?

    How big of a concern is the Patriots' defense? We examine some key metrics.

    Putting Brady's season in perspective

    Why no one is paying attention to Tom Brady's historically great season.

    Sorting out the Red Sox bullpen

    The stats show Mark Melancon can help the Red Sox bullpen, but in what role?

    Gronkowski's record-setting numbers

    Taking a look at Rob Gronkowski's record-setting pace.

    Accolades aside, can Ells win MVP?

    Jacoby's numbers stack up in AL MVP race, but can WAR trump Sox collapse?

    Patriots have schedule on their side

    At midpoint, the Pats' numbers are troubling but there's reason for hope.

    Is Papelbon worth $15M a year?

    Can the Sox afford to re-sign Papelbon? The numbers say it's worth the risk.

    Red Sox free agency primer

    Red Sox options at five key positions with free-agency set to begin.

    Patriots susceptible to big play

    The numbers say the Patriots are susceptible to the big play.

    Patriots' D not as bad as numbers say

    Why the Patriots' defense isn't as bad as the numbers indicate.

    Red Sox numbers tell ugly tale

    The ugly numbers tell the tale of the Red Sox's gruesome September.

    Inside Lester's September struggles

    The Red Sox will need a much better Jon Lester tonight against the Orioles.

    Numbers tell tale of sickening month

    Historically bad starting pitching in September is at the root of Sox collapse.

    Sox want no part of this kind of history

    If the Sox don't hold off the Rays, it would be the biggest-ever Sept. collapse.

    What a Moss-Brady reunion might mean

    On a Moss and Brady reunion: It's time to answer the 'what ifs?'

    Clean slate for Red Sox and Yankees

    Boston's 8-1 record vs. N.Y. is striking, but 2009 provides a cautionary tale.

    Wakefield set to crash the 200 club

    At age 45, Red Sox pitcher Tim Wakefield is poised to make history.

    Storylines to consider with Ochocinco

    Three storylines to consider with Chad Ochocinco headed to the Patriots.

    Storylines to consider with Haynesworth

    Three storylines to consider with Albert Haynesworth headed to the Patriots.

    Pedroia, Ellsbury leading the way

    Jacoby Ellsbury and Dustin Pedroia are leading the way at the top of the lineup.

    In first half, Beckett the clear-cut ace

    In a player-by-player look at Sox pitching in the first half, Beckett stands out.

    A player-by-player look at first half

    A player-by-player rundown of Boston's first half reveals big numbers at the plate.

    Breaking down the decline of J.D. Drew

    Drew's decline will be magnified over the next 9 games, with the Sox in NL parks.

    A date with history in Game 7

    Boston could truly become Title Town with a Bruins win in Game 7.

    Cubs return, 33,854 days later

    It's the Cubs' first trip to Fenway since their 1918 World Series loss.

    Three questions on Red Sox-Yankees

    Breaking down the weekend's Sox-Yanks series from a statistical standpoint.

    No need to panic about Red Sox -- yet

    History, statistics show the stumbling Red Sox could still have postseason success.

    Any way it's sliced, numbers are striking

    What's gone wrong for the Red Sox so far? Simply put: Everything.

    Jon Lester's early woes hard to figure

    Jon Lester's early struggles have been persistent and hard to figure.

    Can Red Sox join century club?

    Reaching 100 wins is within range for the Red Sox, but it won't be easy.

    Breaking down Rajon Rondo's slump

    The numbers lend credence to what you suspect about Rajon Rondo's slump.

    Why Crawford should hit leadoff

    Why putting Carl Crawford in the leadoff spot makes sense for the Sox.

    Buchholz numbers may be deceiving

    The sabermetric odds are against Clay Buchholz matching last season's success.

    Celtics' risk-taking could pay off

    The test of the Celtics' trade will be their post-up defense.

    Where Lackey went wrong last season

    Jeremy Lundblad analyzes where John Lackey went wrong last season.

    Why Big Ben is in Brady's league

    Through their first 7 seasons, Big Ben's numbers are similar to Tom Brady's.

    Rivalry gets better with age

    For Shaq and the Celtics, Sunday's game in LA means a little more than usual.

    What's gone wrong for playoff Patriots?

    A look at 3 straight Patriots playoff losses uncovers 3 troubling trends.

    Tom Terrific? Not recently in playoffs

    Tom Brady has not been his terrific self in his last 8 playoff games.

    Pats' stats even better than you think

    Beyond Brady's streak, big numbers make this a record-breaking season.

    Breaking down Red Sox catcher options

    Is Jarrod Saltalamacchia the best catcher option for the Red Sox?

    The real rivalry: Manning vs. Belichick

    Explaining why Peyton Manning has had Bill Belichick's number in recent years.

    Clutch-hitter options for Red Sox

    Take a statistical look at Carl Crawford and Jayson Werth as clutch hitters.

    Pats miss Randy Moss on third down

    Tom Brady and the Pats have struggled on third down without Randy Moss.

    Rajon Rondo shattering assist records

    Rondo's start is the greatest display of ball distribution in Celtics history.

    Patriots have time of possession issues

    The Patriots are losing the time of possession battle and the D is why.

    Patriots evolve a Moss-less offense

    Breaking down the three areas in which the Patriots are reforming their offense.

    Breaking down the Patriots' road woes

    Tom Brady says the Pats are a new team, but their road struggles say otherwise.

    Patriots' second-half surety is gone

    The Patriots used to be predictable with a halftime lead. Not anymore.

    Aging offense not a bad thing

    The Pats have an old offense, but also one of the most competitive.

    Sox can't panic over Papelbon

    Bard may be pitching better than Pap, but the Sox can't afford to change things up.

    Legends who saw Boston as last hurrah

    Shaq is just the latest superstar to try for a last hurrah with the Celtics.

    Too little, too late for Sox?

    The injury-plagued Red Sox will need a historic run to make up lost ground.

    Will Beckett be the difference-maker?

    Will Josh Beckett return as an ace for the Red Sox? Consider these questions.

    Second-half pitching questions for Sox

    What are the biggest questions for the Sox's pitching staff in the second half?

    Uneven first half for Sox pitching staff

    It was an uneven first half of the season for the Red Sox pitching staff.

    A strange first half for Sox

    Stats and trends show a strange first half for the Boston Red Sox.

    Sox winning in spite of wobbly outfield

    The Red Sox are winning in spite of outfield instability.

    Under pressure, Beltre's an All Star

    With two strikes or two outs, the Red Sox's Adrian Beltre is at his best.

    Are Red Sox already too far behind?

    Projections show the Red Sox face quite the challenge to make playoffs.

    Three signs to watch for with Ortiz

    Three things to watch that could signal a turnaround for David Ortiz.

    Five great days in Boston sports

    It's not the first time the Celts, Bruins and Sox have given fans a triple treat.

    Sox allowing historic number of SBs

    Teams are running on the Red Sox at historic levels. Who's to blame?

    Signs of trouble in Red Sox 'pen?

    It's a small sample size, but the Red Sox bullpen is showing troubling signs.

    Wakefield's longevity in perspective

    Putting Red Sox knuckleballer Tim Wakefield's longevity in perspective

    Four reasons for offensive optimism

    Four reasons to believe the Red Sox offense will improve in 2010.

    Run saved a run earned for Red Sox

    Explaining how the Red Sox plan on winning with defense in 2010.

    Patience pays for Scutaro

    How a discerning eye at the plate gave Marco Scutaro his breakout season.

    Cameron comes with offensive quirks

    Strikeouts, fly balls may frustrate Sox fans, but Mike Cameron has proved he can hit.

    Beckett, Martinez: Numbers to chew on

    Numbers to chew on for contract-year players Josh Beckett and Victor Martinez of the Boston Red Sox.

    College hoops scene full of surprises

    Massachusetts college hoops scene is full of surprises.

    Numbers don't lie: Celtics need KG

    Numbers don't lie: Celtics need Kevin Garnett

    Playmakers wanted

    The numbers show the Patriots' biggest needs are a workhorse RB, a third wide receiver and pass-rushers.

    The challenge of replacing Welker

    Julian Edelman and the running backs will carry a heavier load, but the numbers show you can't really replace Wes Welker.

    Nine things to like about John Lackey

    A statistical glance at what the Red Sox are getting in free-agent prize John Lackey.

    Statistical guide to the Pats' problems

    Numbers tell the story of the Patriots' struggles this season

    Pats haven't lost in December since '06

    The Patriots are looking to continue their December dominance.

    Adrian Gonzalez suited for Fenway

    Adrian Gonzalez could be a good fit at Fenway.

    Celtics' starts are startling

    The Celtics' past three starts have been historic.

    Comparison shopping: Bay vs. Holliday

    A statistical comparison between free agents Jason Bay and Matt Holliday.

    Time working against Allen

    Very few shooting guards have remained productive at age 35 and beyond.