Scott Barboza

Scott Barboza joined as a high schools editor/reporter in May 2010. He spent the previous three seasons working in the New England Patriots media relations department after a stint at the Taunton Daily Gazette, where he covered everything from Little League baseball to the Boston Red Sox.

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Repurposing tragedy

Narragansett High will dedicate its new court in memory of Chad O'Brien.

Coaches find that less is more

By limiting hitting at practice, football could become a safer youth sport.

Daniel Paille picks his spots

Daniel Paille has been able to contribute to the Bruins in a variety of ways.

A somber march for Martin Richard

The Savin Hill Little League sadly honored bombing victim Martin Richard.

Pandolfo playing for hometown team

Near the end of his career, Jay Pandolfo is getting to play for his hometown team.

From O-lineman to frontman

Ex-Pats O-lineman Brian Barthelmes plays on with his band, Tallahassee.

Looney left a legacy of aces

Beloved Apponequet softball coach and pitching mentor left the deck stacked with aces.

Rugby's Olympic return in sight

Dartmouth's Alex Magleby is at the forefront of rugby's Olympic return.

Bittersweet milestone for Matt Brown

Paralyzed while playing hockey, Matt Brown graduated from Norwood High.

A transcendent, transitional figure

Drew Bledsoe put team on the map, then gracefully ceded to Tom Brady.

Revs' teen phenom soaking it in

As his pro soccer career takes off, Diego Fagundez tries to prove he belongs.

A tale of two outfielders

Lady luck stars in tale of 2 outfielders: Josh Reddick and Ryan Kalish.

Spain delivers U.S. team reality check

Spain delievered the United States a reality check at Gillette Stadium.

The rise, fall and recovery of a phenom

Clean and sober, Fall River's Chris Herren finds redemption in (what else?) hoops.

Gloucester regimen no day at the beach

Gloucester's summer training regimen is no day at the beach.

Hull athletics at a crossroads

Outlook isn't optimistic for Hull program counting on contributions for survival.