Tedy Bruschi

Tedy Bruschi spent his entire 13-year career with the New England Patriots after being drafted in the third round out of Arizona. He played in five Super Bowls, winning three. He retired prior to the 2009 season.

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Bruschi's Breakdown: Pats-Seahawks

The Seahawks present problems, but the Pats should be up for the challenge.

Patriot bashing is getting old

While others cry foul, it's New England's time to embrace the Pats' greatness.

Bruschi's Breakdown: Pats-Colts

Luck's mobility, TE threats and revenge factor are keys for the Colts on Sunday.

These aren't the same Colts

This isn't the same Colts team that the Patriots trounced in November.

Bruschi's Breakdown: Ravens-Pats

Protection for Brady, big plays on D are keys to beating the Ravens on Saturday.

'Be ready for a fistfight'

Smith, Suggs, Gronk and Browner will be players to watch on Saturday.

Have faith in the Patriots' offense

With playoffs on tap, have a little faith in the Patriots' offense.

Let's just win and move on

This time of year, when opponents know your tricks, it's all about survival.

Bruschi's Breakdown: Patriots-Jets

Pats have to be ready for anything against nothing-to-lose Rex Ryan.

Some love for special teams

Time to show a little love for the Pats' talented special-teams unit.

Bruschi's Breakdown: Pats-Dolphins

This Pats-Dolphins game won't look anything like the Week 1 train wreck.

A defining victory for Patriots

Applauding the Patriots' D and explaining why the Browner call was correct.

Bruschi's Breakdown: Pats-Chargers

In a tough December matchup, the Patriots need to outsmart the Chargers.

A clinic in intellectual football

Sunday's Patriots-Packers clash was a clinic in intellectual football.

Bruschi's Breakdown: Pats-Packers

The Pats' key vs. Packers: Stop 'Maverick' and use one-two punch.

It's no time to get comfortable

As the Patriots peak, we'll found out just how much they want it this year.

Bruschi's Breakdown: Patriots-Lions

Do Tom Brady & Co. have what it takes to trump Detroit's stellar defense?

Patriots pound home a message

With smashmouth football, the Pats send a message to the rest of the league.

Bruschi's Breakdown: Patriots-Colts

Turnovers and the kicking game could swing a close Patriots-Colts contest.

Luck more dangerous than Manning?

Andrew Luck just might be more dangerous than Peyton Manning.

Pats kept Peyton guessing

The Pats' defense used its bag of tricks to keep Peyton off his game.

Bruschi's Breakdown: Pats-Broncos

The Pats need big plays on D to take the ball away from Peyton Manning.

Tempering the enthusiasm

The Pats looked great against Chicago, but there are still problems to fix.

Bruschi's Breakdown: Pats-Bears

On Sunday, the Pats must protect Brady and cash in on Culter's mistakes.

Run defense a top concern

Bruschi: Without Mayo, the Patriots' problems on D may get worse.

Bruschi's Breakdown: Pats-Jets

The weather may favor the Jets, but the Pats won't let this one slip away.

Pats' identity coming into focus

Bruschi: The Patriots are starting to show what they're made of.

Bruschi's Breakdown: Pats-Bills

In Buffalo, the Patriots' O-line will face its toughest challenge yet.

'On the same page' in Foxborough

Sunday night's win is what happens when everyone is on the same page.

Bruschi's Breakdown: Pats-Bengals

On the heels of Monday's debacle, facing the Bengals will test the Patriots' mettle.

Lower your expectations for Patriots

Pats offense is fatally flawed and there's no reason to predict a turnaround.

Bruschi's Breakdown: Patriots-Chiefs

Protection for Brady and clean tackling are keys to tough MNF matchup.

No quick fix for offense

Until the O-line fixes its problems, Tom Brady will have to make adjustments.

Bruschi's Breakdown: Raiders-Pats

Belichick won't admit it, but weak foe gives Pats chance to find themselves.

Offense a work in progress

Tom Brady and the Pats' offense just need time to figure things out.

Bruschi's Breakdown: Pats-Vikings

Bruschi's Breakdown: Vikings' Peterson and Patterson will test Pats' run defense.

Let's not panic just yet

The Pats' collapse was caused by poor adjustments, losing Logan and more.

Bruschi's Breakdown: Pats-Dolphins

Dolphins' defensive front will put Pats' offensive line to immediate test.

A memo to the commish

Playoff expansion a good idea, but better if we say bye to the bye.

Accepting defeat, and moving on

After a valiant run, the Patriots can pick up the pieces and move on.

AFC title will be won in the trenches

Pats' winning formula: Power running on offense, weathering storm on D.

Patriots have to pick their poison

The Patriots have to pick their poison against the Broncos.

These Colts no one-trick ponies

Andrew Luck's big-game potential makes the Colts a dangerous foe.

Do business as business is done

Refs are letting 'em play, so Patriots have to come out aggressive.

Bye week is no time for a break

Mentally tough Pats will be fine tuning even with their opponent TBD.

Patriots will try to stay grounded

With a bye at stake, look for the Pats to again turn to the running game.

They just keep getting back up

Credit for a big win, but these are still the Any-Given-Sunday Pats.

Game will turn on a few key plays

One thing we know for sure about Pats-Ravens: It'll be decided late.

Patriots still legit contenders

Despite the Pats' obvious flaws, they could still reach the Super Bowl.

Pats have been here before

The Pats' hat/T-shirt game against the Dolphins presents familiar challenges.

Patriots just gotta beat the Browns

The Pats don't need style points; they just gotta get the win vs. the Browns.

How long can offense carry Pats?

With the Patriots' defensive weaknesses exposed, things will only get harder.

Pats need to avoid trap vs. Texans

The Patriots need to avoid a letdown Sunday against the struggling Texans.

Pats were both good and lucky

It was a tough way for the Broncos to lose, but the Patriots earned this one.

Brady-Manning a classic matchup

Expect another classic Brady-Manning matchup on Sunday.

Pats can't dwell on loss

With Denver up next, the Pats will turn the page after a bitter loss.

Panthers much more than relevant

Great defensive front, diverse offense make Carolina tough 'MNF' draw.

Offense clicking at right time

The Patriots' struggling D will need the improved offense to stay on track.

Roethlisberger always a handful

Like their shifty QB, the struggling Steelers won't go down easily.

Another AFC East test for Patriots

The Patriots can expect another tight game Sunday against the Dolphins.

It won't get any easier

This Patriots team will have to grind out wins for the rest of the season.

Time to keep it simple

With their defensive leaders out, the Pats need to make key adjustments.

Brees may be too hot to handle

It all comes down to solid team defense this weekend against the Saints.

Can Patriots remain undefeated?

The Patriots will be tested on the road this week at Cincinnati.

Belichick loves a challenge

Solving problems -- like the loss of Vince Wilfork -- is where Bill Belichick thrives.

Falcons dangerous, yet vulnerable

Pats face their best offense so far, but banged-up Atlanta D can be exploited.

Offense must pick up the slack

The defense has carried the Pats, but there's reason for hope on offense.

Bucs are a dangerous 0-2 foe

The Bucs are a dangerous 0-2 opponent for the Patriots on Sunday.

Patriots' D has to take the lead

Until Pats' offense clicks, the pressure is on the defense to be a dominant unit.

Rivalry cranks up the heat

Expect Rex Ryan to use his bag of tricks against the shorthanded Patriots.

Growing pains are part of process

Bruschi on Tap: Chalk this one up as a learning experience.

New QB, coach make Bills a mystery

New QB and coach make Bills a mystery, but one the Pats should solve.

Unveiling the first All-Bruschi Team

Unveiling the first All-Bruschi Team for NFL's unsung leaders.

The better team won

Bruschi on Tap: It hurts, but the better team won on Sunday.

Expect Ravens-Pats to be close

Expect another classic game when the Pats host the Ravens this Sunday.

Accepting the Gronkless Pats

Bruschi on Tap: Gronk injury brings out new questions and plenty of concerns.

Pats know what works vs. Texans

The Patriots should be able to exploit the Texans' weaknesses again.

Pats too mentally tough for '10 repeat

This Patriots team is too mentally tough for a repeat of 2010.

How should Pats approach Dolphins?

How the Pats approach Sunday's game depends on a number of factors.

Tale of two psyches

The Pats may want to remember that the Jags have something to prove.

Lessons from a roller-coaster loss

The Patriots must learn from their sloppy loss Sunday and fix things.

Ready for prime time?

Kaepernick's inexperience could be the Patriots' biggest advantage on Sunday.

Texans-Pats worthy of MNF hype

AFC-leading Houston comes to New England with something to prove.

New and improved D for real?

Are the Pats' defensive woes behind them? The Texans game will tell all.

Pats can't overlook this one

With big games coming up, Pats can't overlook the Dolphins.

Tougher tests ahead for Pats

Thanksgiving night blowout said more about the Jets than the Patriots.

Patriots should expect tough game

The Patriots should expect another tough game against the Jets on Thursday.

Gronk loss comes at a bad time

The Pats should be peaking, not figuring out how to win without a key player.

New-look Colts deserve attention

Rookie QB and a team suddenly on a mission could give the Patriots trouble.

Can Pats keep winning like this?

Can the Pats' big plays keep canceling out their costly defensive lapses?

Same old Bills shouldn't pose threat

Bills are a team with nothing to lose, but is still no match for the Pats.

Expect Pats to escape London with W

It won't be pretty, but mismatches should carry Pats across the pond.

A win's a win... right?

The Patriots' ugly win over the Jets has just raised more questions.

Pats must win mental battle

Bruschi: The Patriots must play it smart against the savvy Jets

Secondary not Pats' only problem

A weak secondary is just one of several problems for the Patriots.

Perfect day for a run

Bruschi: The Patriots' running game was created for matchups like this.

What a rush!

The Patriots' power running game brings their hurry-up offense to a new level.

Matching wits with Manning

Chess match with Peyton might come down to stopping McGahee.

Patriots finding their inner beast

Smashmouth D, smart running game give the Patriots new ways to win.

These Bills are ready for Patriots

Watch out: These revamped Bills are ready for the Patriots.

Moving beyond the bad calls

Yes, the refs were bad, but the Patriots blew their chances on Sunday.

Pats have lot to overcome vs. Ravens

Give the Ravens an edge over a Pats team still trying to figure it out.

Patriots' offense takes big hit

The loss of Aaron Hernandez is a painful blow to the Patriots' game plan.

Despite shaky QB, Cardinals a threat

Between Fitzgerald and 'Steelers West' D, the Cards won't be pushovers.

Front seven stands out for Patriots

There was a lot to like from the Patriots' defensive front seven.

Opener will be won or lost on edges

Edge play will be a big factor in the Patriots' season opener Sunday.

What to expect in Super Bowl XLVI

Can the Pats protect Brady from NYG's D-line? That's a key to Super Bowl XLVI.

The X-haustion factor

Indoor-stadium energy drain is an X-factor worth watching.

It comes down to stopping Eli

The Patriots' pass rush must be equalizer against the Giants' prolific offense.

This one will live up to its billing

With veterans on both sides, the Pats and Ravens will likely produce a classic.

Patriots won't underestimate Tebow

Can the Patriots end their playoff losing streak Saturday vs. Broncos?

Motivation? Pats playing for the patch

Steelers underestimated Tebow, a mistake the Pats can't afford to make.

How long can they keep this up?

Bruschi On Tap: The Patriots have to kick the habit of falling behind early.

Expect Patriots to keep foot on pedal

With the bye at stake and room to grow, no way the Pats let up now.

One hat/T-shirt set isn't enough

Bruschi on Tap: One hat/T-shirt set isn't enough.

Can Tebow keep up with Brady?

Can Tim Tebow put up enough points to keep pace with Tom Brady?

Don't underestimate Denver

On Tebow's magic, the Brady spat and why the Pats' defense better improve.

Any tricks for Shanahan vs. Patriots?

Will Mike Shanahan give Bill Belichick problems again on Sunday?

Patriots got their wakeup call

Bruschi on Tap: Patriots got the win and a wakeup call vs. Colts.

Keeping Freeney & friends in check

Despite the expected mismatch, New England can't let up on the Colts.

Patriots shouldn't get comfortable

Remember, the Patriots still face plenty of challenges before the playoffs.

Desperate Eagles should challenge Pats

At 4-6, the Eagles can't afford a loss. Can the Patriots end their playoff chances?

Can we trust this Pats D yet?

How the Patriots' defense handles Michael Vick on Sunday could be telling.

Banged-up Chiefs a long shot vs. Pats

Minus Matt Cassel, the banged-up Chiefs are a long shot vs. the Pats.

Pats pass mental-toughness test

The Pats must approach the rest of their games with the same urgency as Sunday.

Jets on hot streak since last loss to Pats

Can the Pats beat the streaking Jets to take the reins in the AFC East race?

Matchup could spell trouble for Pats

Eli Manning is one of the NFL's hottest QBs. Can the Pats cool him off?

Revolving door on defense hurts

Mixing and matching in the secondary isn't working for the Patriots.

Steelers favor 'schoolyard' football

If Ben Roethlisberger is allowed to improvise on Sunday, the Pats will pay.

Defense showing encouraging signs

The Pats head into their bye with a win thanks to a solid defensive performance.

Cowboys prone to crunch-time collapse

Unlike the Cowboys, the Patriots have proved they can excel in crunch time.

Is the defense better? We'll find out soon

Pats shut down the Jets, but how they handle Cowboys is the true test.

Pats face Jets team looking for identity

Expect a close game Sunday when the Patriots renew their rivalry with the Jets.

Defense still cause for concern?

The Patriots' defense is still the root of numerous questions.

Facing the bully mentality

Bruschi's Breakdown: New England must stop the Raiders' power running game.

Pats' D must adjust to fast-break football

The Patriots' defense must adjust to fast-break football.

Bills can score, but can't outpace Pats

Expect more 'video game' numbers from Brady & Co. on Sunday in Buffalo.

Taking out Gates was vintage Belichick

Taking out Antoinio Gates on Sunday was a vintage Bill Belichick move.

Signs point to a Pats-Chargers shootout

All signs point to a shootout Sunday between the Patriots and Chargers.

Brady the competitor shines through

The competitor in Tom Brady shined in the Patriots' opening win.

Unknowns should make for close game

The Patriots' defensive adjustments will be key in their opener vs. the Dolphins.

Patriots need more than Tom Brady

It's just the preseason, but the Patriots showed some flaws against the Lions.

Patriots are embracing new scheme

Biggest takeaway from impressive win was amount of pressure generated by defense.

Things we learned about the Patriots

What we learned about the Patriots in the preseason opener.

Congratulations to Mike Vrabel

Intelligence, toughness, versatility, putting the team first -- Mike Vrabel had it all.

Tedy Bruschi: Terrain, inspiration on rise

As the terrain gets tougher, the inspiration is stronger during Tedy Bruschi's climb of Kilimanjaro.

Conquering Day 1 of Kilimanjaro climb

Tedy Bruschi details his first day hiking up Mount Kilimanjaro.

Kilimanjaro trip starts in New York

Tedy Bruschi talks about starting his trip to Kilimanjaro in New York.

Preparing for Kilimanjaro

An old friend shows this rookie the ropes before the Kilimanjaro climb.

Heat turned way up for rivalry game

The heat is on high as the Patriots prepare for the Jets again.

Being defending champ can be burden

New Orleans Saints feel burden of being defending champ.

What to watch for this weekend

With Pats on bye, we scout their possible opponents for next Sunday.

'Lombardi' hits home

Seeing the Broadway play "Lombardi" hit home for Tedy Bruschi.

Observations after Miami rout

Spikes, Woodhead are among the Pats' top concerns during playoff preparations.

Looking beyond the Dolphins

Expect Pats starters to see time despite the game being meaningless.

Observations from Bills blowout

Sunday's game was a perfect example of Belichick-style complementary football.

Expect a fight from Bills on Sunday

The Patriots know they're in for a test Sunday against the Bills.

Observations from Sunday's close call

Five observations from the Patriots' close call against the Packers.

Rodgers is the key in Pats-Packers

The status of quarterback Aaron Rodgers is the key in Patriots vs. Packers.

Observations from Bears beatdown

Tedy Bruschi offers observations from the Patriots' beatdown of the Bears.

Five observations from impressive win

Bruschi on Tap: Patriots show they're versatile, tough and determined.

Observations from impressive win

The Patriots and Jets are on course for a huge Week 13 game.

A chance to develop consistency

With rival Colts hobbled, a perfect chance for Patriots to get on a roll.

Five observations from impressive win

The Patriots rebounded from last week with an impressive win over the Steelers.

How the Steelers do what they do

For Pats, beating a well-coached Steelers team on road too much to ask.

Five observations from a beatdown

Tip your cap to the Browns, but blame this Patriots loss on a lack of focus.

Peyton Hillis key for Browns' offense

One key for the Patriots against the Browns will be stopping RB Peyton Hillis.

Bruschi on Tap: Six observations

Six observations on the Patriots' impressive win over the Vikings.

No shortage of storylines for Pats-Vikes

There are many storylines to the Pats-Vikings game. Tedy Bruschi helps break them down.

Bruschi on Tap: Five observations

The Chargers were generous hosts Sunday and the Patriots took advantage of that.

Patriots maturing before our eyes

Chargers matchup is classic trap game, but Belichick won't let Pats fall for it.

Bruschi on Tap: Six observations

Behind Brady and Branch, Pats' offense looked energized and D put it together.

Spreading the wealth key vs. Ravens

The Pats will have to throw off the Ravens by spreading the offensive wealth.

Big road test, especially for defense

Pats could have issues vs. physical Miami offense, but Dolphins' D has holes.

Bruschi on Tap: Six observations

Why Bill Belichick should be sick about the defense he's putting out on the field.

Patriots must win mental battle vs. Bills

Bruschi Breakdown: Bill Belichick won't let the Patriots look past the Bills this week.

Bruschi on Tap: Six observations

Pats' road woes resurface in loss that could serve as a blueprint.

Why Patriots can win tough road test

Tedy Bruschi and Mike Reiss preview the Patriots' game against the Jets.

Bruschi on tap: Impressive opening win

The most important thing the Patriots did Sunday was re-establish home-field advantage.

Patriots face stiff test against Bengals

Tedy Bruschi and Mike Reiss preview the Patriots' opener against the Bengals.

Previewing the 2010 season

Tedy Bruschi and Mike Reiss preview the 2010 Patriots.

The trials of training camp

Tedy Bruschi and Mike Reiss break down the Pats heading into training camp.

Draft advice for Pats: Trust the system

Bruschi's Breakdown: Expect Pats to take 'edge player' among their first picks.

Patriots just weren't prepared

It was surprising to see the Pats come out that unprepared vs. the Ravens.

Can Patriots overcome loss of Welker?

Tedy Bruschi and Mike Reiss break down Sunday's Patriots-Ravens playoff game.

Look for Pats to rest offensive players

Tedy Bruschi and Mike Reiss break down how the Pats should approach Sunday.

Observations from a hat-and-T-shirt win

Simplifying defense made a difference; Maroney may get lost in shuffle.

Perfect season worth going for

Caldwell and the Colts picked the wrong time to rest.

Pats' thinking: We win, we're in

Patriots focus on earning playoff bid and an extra week of rest.

Five observations from the Pats' victory

The Pats didn't blow out the Bills, but style points don't matter this time of year.

Pats still trying to find way on road

The Patriots need to come together Sunday in Buffalo.

Bruschi: Moss not a quitter

Randy Moss might have looked frustrated Sunday, but he didn't quit.

Bruschi: Go for 16-0!

Forget resting starters, the Colts and Saints should both go for 16-0.

Pats' focus needs to be on AFC East

After all the distractions of this week, the Patriots need a big effort Sunday.

Will Patriots respond to adversity?

After another frustrating loss, the Patriots must show they can respond to adversity.

For Patriots, Miami's never a vacation

The Patriots desperately need a road win, but Miami's no vacation.

Pats-Saints game has great matchups

Monday's Patriots-Saints game has a number of huge matchups to watch.

Bruschi on Tap: Second time a charm

The Jets learned that it's hard to beat the Patriots twice in the same season.

Pats-Jets rematch all about adjustments

Keys for Pats vs. Jets will be red zone success, stopping run, protecting Brady.

Belichick dissed his defense

Bill Belichick's fourth-down decision sent a message of doubt to his defense.

Matchups to watch in Pats-Colts clash

Breaking down some of the key matchups in Sunday's huge Patriots-Colts game.

Bruschi on Tap: Problem solvers

The Patriots handled everything Miami threw at them Sunday.

Don't underestimate the Dolphins

The Wildcat isn't the main reason the Pats need to respect Miami.

After bye, Pats will see Denver copycats

After bye, Patriots will face Denver-like formations.

Bruschi on Tap: Hitting the bye on high

Five observations from the Patriots' dominating victory over the Bucs.

Focus will be on winning, not London

Tedy Bruschi and Mike Reiss break down Sunday's Patriots-Buccaneers matchup.

Bruschi on tap: Pats silence their coach

The Patriots silenced their coach with Sunday's romp.

Patriots should get back on track

Tedy Bruschi and Mike Reiss break down Sunday's Patriots-Titans matchup.

Bruschi on Tap: Missed opportunities

Sunday's loss to the Broncos was a game of missed oppotunities for the Patriots.

Expect a Pats-Broncos chess match

Tedy Bruschi and Mike Reiss break down Sunday's Patriots-Broncos matchup.

Bruschi on Tap: Welker's return

Thoughts on Sunday's Patriots victory, including Wes Welker's return.

Can Patriots build on Week 3 win?

Tedy Bruschi and Mike Reiss break down Sunday's Ravens-Patriots game.

Stopping Gonzalez key for Patriots

Tedy Bruschi and Mike Reiss break down Sunday's Patriots-Falcons game.

Bruschi on Tap: Rooting for the Lions

Thoughts from around the NFL, including the Patriots' struggles in short-yardage and who deserves a Bruschi.

Jets will test Patriots defense

Tedy Bruschi and Mike Reiss break down Sunday's Patriots-Jets game.