Will O'Connell help Jets?

Inside information not an issue

September 16, 2009, 3:19 PM

By: Mike Reiss

FOXBOROUGH -- With the Patriots preparing to face the Jets, one popular question today was: How much inside information might former Patriots quarterback Kevin O'Connell -- now with the Jets after being released by New England early in September -- provide?

Jets coach Rex Ryan kept it light when asked about O'Connell during his conference call today.

"We're going to release him after the game," he cracked.

Ryan was kidding, as the Jets are hoping to develop O'Connell as a backup behind Mark Sanchez.

In terms of possible inside information that O'Connell might provide the Jets, Bill Belichick doesn't seem concerned. Asked a general question about players switching teams, and the value of information that player might provide, Belichick responded this way:

"I'd say it's probably overrated. Certainly you could pick up -- from somebody who's been in the system for a long time -- something that would be helpful. Some of that information, especially with teams like this [Patriots-Jets] that are in the same division -- that have played each other for quite a while that know each other well -- I don't know how much new information there really is coming out of there in something like that."

Belichick's view is a bit different than Giants coach Tom Coughlin, who seemed peeved when the Redskins signed former New York quarterback Andre Woodson to their practice squad prior to this year's season-opener between the teams.

Quarterback Tom Brady acknowledged that the Patriots "have to change some things because I'm sure Kevin has told them some things that could help them." But in the end, he doesn't see it as a major concern.

"It comes down to how well you can execute," Brady said. "Having some inside information, you still have to throw the ball, complete it and block them. So I think that's more important than anything."


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