Caserio working as eye in the sky

Director of player personnel assisting coaches on game day

September 22, 2009, 1:14 PM

By: Mike Reiss

Nick Caserio's double-duty responsibilities have continued into the regular season, as the Patriots' director of player personnel is working with the coaching staff on game day.

Caserio sits up in the press box with other assistants and relays what he sees to quarterbacks coach Bill O'Brien, who runs the offense.

"I'd say it's probably similar to things I've done in the past, as far as what defenses are being played, the different personnel groupings," said Caserio, who was the team's receivers coach as recently as 2007, and previously held the title of director of pro personnel.

When Caserio was director of pro personnel, he also handled press box responsibilities for the coaching staff.

How has the role affected his job as director of player personnel?

"We have a great staff with Jon Robinson coordinating the college side and Jason [Licht] directing the college side, so I think the biggest thing is that I maybe haven't been able to spend as much time out on the road," Caserio said. "But we allocate our scouts, our scouts have been [on the road] essentially since training camp. Jon has been out, Jason has been out, and we stay in constant communication.

"So most of the work I've been doing is mostly from an in-house perspective. Everything is online with the video system, so for example, with some of the preseason scouting with some of the respective players on other clubs -- whether it's players who have been released or you might sign to your practice squad -- I'm able to take care of that work from my desk here.

"Really, in years past, I haven't gone on the road until October. So we'll see how that goes moving forward. But I'd say for the most part, in the month of September, there really hasn't been much of a change from a workload perspective, at least in terms of where I'm located on a daily basis."


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