Ellsbury out with bruised ribs

MINNEAPOLIS -- Red Sox manager Terry Francona said Wednesday that outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury probably won't return to the lineup until Friday.

Ellsbury bruised his left ribs in a collision with third baseman Adrian Beltre on Sunday in Kansas City and is still reporting soreness and some trouble breathing.

"[The soreness] is a little more centrally isolated, which is good,'' Francona said. "But he's having trouble rotating. As much as we love having him in there, it's not a good thing to get him back quick.''

Ellsbury was replaced in left field by Jeremy Hermida for Wednesday afternoon's game against the Minnesota Twins.

Hermida had a big three-run double to help the Red Sox beat the Twins 6-3.

Ellsbury said Tuesday that Beltre's knee didn't strike him flush in the ribs, and that if it had been lower, more damage could have resulted.

"I'm just grateful it wasn't worse,'' said Ellsbury, adding he watched a replay once because he wanted to see exactly what happened.

Ellsbury and Beltre collided while in a pursuit of a foul fly by Kansas City's Mitch Maier down the left-field line. Ellsbury had gone into a slide to make the catch, while Beltre came sprinting down the line, unaware that Ellsbury was in his path.

"We did it textbook, infielder high, outfielder low,'' Ellsbury said. "Adrian said he just didn't expect me there. Two players going hard, don't know how it could have been avoided.''

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