Boston athletes on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a day for eating, football and family. EPNBoston.com wanted to find out how Celtics, Bruins and Red Sox players like to spend their holiday. Who gets the honor of carving the turkey? Who thinks Thanksgiving is an underrated holiday and who doesn't like Thanksgiving? Find out as ESPNBoston.com asked Boston athletes: What do you like best about Thanksgiving?

Shaquille O'Neal, Celtics center: "Lucille's [his mom's] fried chicken and macaroni and cheese. My favorite part of Thanksgiving is eating!"

Milan Lucic, Bruins winger: "The turkey dinner for sure. You don't get to roast a big turkey every day. For me now, being able to get together with your friends because it's not really your family, it's your friends you get together with and are thankful to have that dinner together."

Dustin Pedroia, Red Sox second baseman: "Stuffing and probably the football games."

Glen Davis, Celtics forward: "Macaroni and cheese, but I most look forward to cutting the turkey. I'm the one who carves the turkey and I think I do a good job."

Ryan Kalish, Red Sox outfielder: " Me and my family get together with another family in town every year and that's fun. Dinner is pretty standard with Thanksgiving, turkey obviously. You know what? I don't even really like Thanksgiving that much. I never seem to want to eat that day. You're supposed to want to eat all this food and every time, I just eat too many snacks before the meal. I only end up having turkey and some mashed potatoes. It's always a built-up day and it never works out for me. I always seem to load up before the actual meal."

Jacoby Ellsbury, Red Sox outfielder: "Has to be the turkey that or the stuffing and seeing family."

Zdeno Chara, Bruins defenseman: "Obviously everybody's eating the turkey, but I'm not really a big fan of turkey, some but not much. So we want to stay with the white meat and I eat chicken instead. Usually we have a day off. It's nice because everybody is relaxed. Families get together to spend Thanksgiving together. It's always nice to be around your closest friends and family. We have a similar holiday back home but it's on a different date."

Darnell McDonald, Red Sox outfielder (free agent): "For food, are we talking about dessert or are we talking about the meal? OK, what we call dressing, you guys might call it stuffing. The way my grandmother and mother prepared it by putting that gravy on top of it, there was nothing better. I also appreciate just being thankful and spending time with family."

Nate Robinson, Celtics guard: "My favorite Thanksgiving food is turkey, ham … you've got to do both. Turkey, ham, dressing with maple corn bread is real good, what else? Yams and macaroni and cheese. I like having all my family being together and having a good time, and then there is always football on that day. We all watch football."

Mark Stuart, Bruins defenseman: "I like everything. It's probably my favorite meal of the year. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberries, beets, I like everything. Being together with family and the food is what makes the holiday special. Getting together with people you care about and watching football and eating a big meal, taking a nap and then going back for seconds after that."

John Lackey, Red Sox pitcher: "My mom makes a great green bean casserole. I like that and the Cowboys game."

Felix Doubront, Red Sox pitcher: "Turkey and being together with my family."

Kendrick Perkins, Celtics center: "I love, love, love turkey, baked turkey actually. I love the football games that are on, being able to play cards and games and stuff like that with the family at the house. I think Thanksgiving to me is one of the most underrated holidays. Everybody looks forward to Christmas, but I think Thanksgiving is more like where you wake up to the food, just the smell of the house and stuff like that is all just warming and stuff, so that's what I look forward to."