Dustin Pedroia jams thumb, exits

BOSTON -- Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine said he didn't expect second baseman Dustin Pedroia to play Tuesday after the club said he jammed his right thumb in Monday's 7-4 win over the Detroit Tigers.

"Right now, I don't think he'll play tomorrow," Valentine said. "You could tell there's something there."

Pedroia had X-rays and is scheduled to be checked again by the Sox medical staff Tuesday after the swelling goes down. A Sox source said Monday night that it was unclear when the injury occurred. The team is attempting to schedule an MRI for Pedroia on Tuesday.

His teammates said they wouldn't be surprised if he was in the lineup.

"I'm pretty sure he'll be back in there tomorrow," shortstop Mike Aviles said. "It's not going to stop him from getting back in the lineup."

Outfielder Daniel Nava echoed the sentiment. "Those are the type of things, especially with that guy, he's fine, he comes back and plays. You know he's a grinder, he'll want to play tomorrow. I won't be surprised if he wants to be back in the lineup."

Pedroia has started at second base in all 48 of the Sox games this season.

"He plays every single day," outfielder Ryan Sweeney said. "I think he'll be back."

Adrian Gonzalez acted surprised even to be asked if he was concerned about Pedroia.

"Why?" he said.

"It's hurting him, but it's not something that's going to affect him playing. As hitters, we get those all the time. It hurts like heck when you get jammed."

Pedroia came out an inning after making a diving stop in the top of the fifth, ranging far to his left to take a hit away from Detroit second baseman Danny Worth. He did not come out for the sixth, but it was not clear afterward whether he had hurt the thumb on that play or on a previous at-bat. He appeared to grimace after popping out in the fourth.

Aviles suggested that Pedroia's thumb was already hurting when he made the play, one in which he pushed off on his bare hand when he scrambled to his feet to make the throw.

"I was wondering what happened," Aviles said. "I was going to wear him out -- 'You just dove and came out of the game.' I thought he came out of the game with a dive. In all honesty, it was jammed pretty good. It worked out well. He got a couple innings off."

Aviles joked when asked to rate the play's degree of difficulty.

"I'm going to give it a 1," he said. "I just like messing with Pedey. He gives me a lot of crap.

"In all honesty I'd say it was an 8 or 9 at least, at least. That ball where he started, he plays a little toward the middle against righties, and for where he had to go to stop that ball and make a good throw -- and he was dealing with his jammed thumb before that."

So he was hurt before?

"I have no idea," Aviles said. "I just knew he was out of the game. It definitely was a very sick play. He was impressive to me. I try not to tell him that, so don't write that part."

Pedroia left before reporters entered the clubhouse after the game.