Red Sox OK with quiet deadline

BOSTON -- Major League Baseball's non-waiver trade deadline passed at 4 p.m. Tuesday afternoon and not much changed for the Boston Red Sox.

General manager Ben Cherington completed a couple of minor transactions, acquiring left-handed reliever Craig Breslow from the Arizona Diamondbacks in exchange for right-handed reliever Matt Albers and outfielder Scott Podsednik. Also, the Red Sox acquired minor league knuckleball pitcher Steven Wright from the Cleveland Indians in exchange for Triple-A first baseman Lars Anderson.

Even though Cherington said the Red Sox considered "a thousand different concepts to make the club better," in the end there was nothing big and bold that made sense for the organization.

"We did feel empowered to do something bold, we just didn't find something bold that made sense for us," Cherington said. "We explored a lot of things that were bold, and maybe even got close to a couple of things, but we just didn't feel like there was anything of the big, bold variety that made sense for us right now."

Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine continues to say his team has big winning streak coming in the next two months, and added he wasn't surprised by the organization's decision to remain relatively idle on the trade front.

"As I said yesterday, I like this team and I think we are moving forward in the right direction," Valentine said. "If there's no way of improving it, no other ways of improving it, then I think we're pretty good."

Red Sox players in the clubhouse were casually paying attention to all the reports and rumors being reported by media outlets as the deadline approached, and when it became apparent that no major changes would be made to their team, the players seemed unfazed, almost pleased, with the lack of transactions.

The only player cleaning out his locker was Albers.

"I'm kind of sad," Albers said. "It's bittersweet because I like the team here and like the direction we were heading. Now I have to help the Diamondbacks win games."

On his way out the door, Albers was asked for his impression of the Red Sox moving forward this season.

"It's a really good team," he said. "These guys have great potential, and since [Arizona] doesn't play them, I'm definitely rooting for them to do very well. I'll keep in touch and keep track and hopefully the Red Sox will win a lot of games."

Red Sox DH David Ortiz, who remains on the disabled list and continues to rehab a right Achilles strain, said he wasn't surprised that Cherington & Co. took the cautious route.

"They've got their own way to see things and that's probably something that we need," Ortiz said. "Breslow's a good dude and a good pitcher and he'll definitely help us out."

Ortiz added he's more concerned with getting healthy and returning to the lineup as soon as possible.

Almost every pitcher on the staff heard his name mentioned in trade rumors the last few weeks, including Josh Beckett, Jon Lester and Aaron Cook. As soon as the clock in the Red Sox clubhouse moved to 4:01, Cook walked by a group of reporters and said, "I'm still here."

The right-hander admitted players usually have fun behind closed doors when it comes to rumors this time of year, but there's still a bit of anxiety on July 31.

"It's always a little different," Cook said. "It's part of the business and we kind of go with it and wait for the trade deadline to come and go and then figure out what's going on."

Cook also was relieved that he wasn't traded.

"I think this team has a lot of potential to really finish strong and it's something that I want to be a part of," he said. "There's a reason I signed here during the offseason, and I signed a minor-league deal, of all things. I want to be here and I'm glad to still be here and hopefully I'm here the rest of the year."