John Farrell needs answers

BOSTON -- On Tuesday, the Boston Red Sox will introduce John Farrell as the 46th manager in club history. Members of the credentialed media then will be given an opportunity to direct questions at Farrell.

What questions would you ask if given the opportunity? We asked you to tweet your questions to @GordonEdes. We chose these 20. (Note: We cleaned up abbreviations, grammar, shorthand and the like for editorial purposes.)

1. Boston missed October three years in a row (including Farrell's last year here). Farrell didn't make the playoffs in Toronto. How can he change things in Boston? -- @Hawkins_Steven

2. Regardless of any new faces that will be on the team next year, how will you change the identity of this team? --

3. What is John Farrell's offensive philosophy? Will the Red Sox revert to an emphasis on grinding out at-bats? -- @bosoxlady

4. Does he have any insight into specific breakdowns that led to the deterioration of the pitching staff as a whole? --

5. Any lessons that he took from his time as a pitching coach for the Red Sox? Could some of those be reapplied or avoided? -- @JA_Espinel

6. What does he think was the big difference in Bard last year? -- @joncaly

7. Will he be able to judge pitchers' worth based on how they perform now, rather than what he thought when he was pitching coach? -- @stubel77

8. Ask him where does he see Daniel Bard: in the rotation or the bullpen? -- @MPHogan63

9. What can be done to restore John Lackey to the kind of pitcher he was for the Angels? Can you ask that with a straight face? -- @mrharold74

10. In Toronto you attempted an average number of sacrifice bunts but were last in executing them. What was the issue there? -- @redsoxstats

11. John, do you feel now you will have to repair the team psyche and locker room from both Tito [Francona] and Bobby [Valentine]? -- @southwestsox

12. Please ask Farrell what impact his emphasis of the use of the cut fastball had on the development or regression of Jon Lester. --

13. How hands-on will he be with the pitchers given his past success with them? -- @kcarts

14. What did you learn in Toronto that will help you in Boston? -- @MVitale17

15. Why does he think he was best man for the job? Seems like a limited search, so what does he have that others don't? -- @15Thurman

16. Why did you break your commitment to Toronto, John? -- @scott_tubbesing

17. What makes him confident that he can return this team and organization to the culture it once had? -- @Garmelo10

18. John, how do you think you can help repair the image of the Red Sox that has been damaged over the past few seasons? -- @patrock91

19. Given your losing seasons in Toronto, how do you see turning things around in Boston? How is this club different? -- @EveClaireDaniel

20. Who would be the players he would most lean on to redirect the team? --