Garnett returns against Portland

Boston Celtics forward Kevin Garnett returned to the starting lineup Friday night against the Portland Trail Blazers after a 10-game absence.

At halftime, Garnett had played 14 minutes and collected 11 points and 2 rebounds.

"He looked great -- he looked good today, this morning, yesterday during his little workout with the guys," coach Doc Rivers told the media before Friday's game. "So he's good."

Rivers also indicated there would be no minute restriction on Garnett.

"We'll go more by his endurance, how he feels on the floor," said Rivers. "As far as the knee, we're not concerned by that.

"He's been running for a good week, week-and-a-half, so he does have some conditioning. But obviously it's not basketball condition. You can work out all you want, but the adrenaline and intensity, it's different when you play a real game. We'll find that out."