Glen Davis psyched for Saints

The New Orleans Saints triumph over the Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl XLIV Sunday is causing the Celtics to rearrange their travel plans.

The Celtics were scheduled to fly to New Orleans for Wednesday's game against the Hornets on Tuesday afternoon after a practice in Waltham. Advised that the city of New Orleans will essentially be shut down when the Saints' victory parade begins, the Celtics will instead fly Tuesday morning to avoid navigation headaches.

For Louisiana-native Glen Davis -- who emerged from the training area after Monday's practice and hollered a celebratory, "Who dat!?" -- it's incredibly divine timing as he will not only get home in time to see the Saints' victory parade, but he'll stay in Louisiana for the All-Star break after Wednesday's game.

Davis seemed a bit subdued talking to the media about the Saints' win, but noted he "got it all out last night" after watching the game at Ray Allen's house with teammates and friends.

"I'll be down there tomorrow, celebrate a little more," said Davis. "I'll stay there over the break and celebrate even more."

Davis stressed what the win meant for the state of Louisiana in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

"The Saints did a great job of getting the job done," said Davis. "Being from there, being a fan, and going through all the ups and downs with the Saints, for them to pull it through and win the Super Bowl, it's huge, not only for the team, but the state.

"You really can't [put it in words]. You can't express it. You have to be from there, have to have a loved one that's lost something."

Teammate Rajon Rondo plans to join Davis at the parade and joked he might even sneak onto a float for the celebration.

"I'll probably be at the parade myself. I look forward to going down there," Rondo said. "I know a couple guys on the team, we'll see. I can't really say [which float he'll be on] because I don't know if I'm supposed to be on a float. But maybe I'll have a hat on. It may be a Celtics hat, it might be a Saints hat."