Doc Rivers watches from locker room

BOSTON -- At the advice of his doctors, Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers did not coach Wednesday's game, deferring to first-year assistant coach Lawrence Frank as Boston wrapped up its preseason slate with a 107-92 win over the New Jersey Nets at TD Garden.

Rivers had a throat biopsy three days ago that came back negative.

"Lawrence is going to [coach] the game [Wednesday]," Rivers said after running the team's pregame shootaround. "I'm going to sit back here [in the locker room] and watch baseball.

"I'm going to sit in the back. Friday -- that's what they wanted [me to rest until]. I can talk now, but they didn't want me to scream or anything. ... like most coaches do. Listen, if I'm not going to coach, I don't want to be out there; I'd rather Lawrence do it. I don't want to be a distraction."

Rivers underwent a biopsy Sunday at a Boston-area hospital to investigate a spot doctors found three weeks ago near his throat. The lesions turned out to be noncancerous, but a family history of throat issues did raise some alarm in the Rivers household.

"I was nervous more waiting for the results," said Rivers. "You just want the results to come back. Other than that, I guess not. I'm pretty optimistic. [Doctors] told me before I went in that there was very little chance anything was there, but you have to do it to be sure.

"My family was [nervous]. We have some history with my father in law, his throat -- he died of throat cancer. So anything in that area, it alarms everybody. So the family was always concerned with stuff like that. I was just talking to [Nets coach] Avery [Johnson], all of us just have to make sure we take care of ourselves."