Rajon Rondo's elbow slowly healing

ROXBURY, Mass. -- Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo said he still has swelling in his injured left elbow, but noted he has full range of motion and doesn't expect it to be a major issue moving forward.

Rondo, appearing at a Red Bull event celebrating renovations at Malcolm X Park, admitted he can't participate in full-contact basketball activities quite yet, but is making progress.

"The elbow is getting better," said Rondo. "I got another check-up on it (Tuesday). It's getting there. It's still a little swollen, (but) other than that, no problem."

Rondo added that he can engage in limited contact right now, but he's not pushing it. Then he quipped, "I think I did three push-ups today."

Asked when we could expect to see him back on the court Rondo joked "in about five minutes," referencing the dedication ceremony that was about to start at the park's lower court. Turning more serious, he admitted that there hadn't been a lot of talk lately about the lockout and said, from his perspective, "It's been quiet."

Rondo also said that Celtics players have been working out individually this summer with no plans yet for group workouts. He did say if the lockout lingers into the season, he expects the veterans to organize team activities.

He confirmed what John Calipari had tweeted last week and said he's planning on taking courses at the University of Kentucky during the lockout with the goal of working towards finishing his degree. While Rondo left after just two years at Kentucky, he suggested he had accumulated more than half of the credits necessary to get his degree thanks in part to hefty summer workloads.

Chris Forsberg covers the Celtics for ESPNBoston.com.