Flutie on ESPN Boston Radio

Doug Flutie was on ESPN Radio with Adam Jones on Friday. Flutie touched on what he sees in Tom Brady and what he remembers from his time with Brady in New England. Said that Brady is amazing to watch work.

In addition to talking about Brady and the Patriots, Flutie also discussed winning the Heisman Trophy and whether he thinks anyone at Boston College will ever win the award again.

Flutie said he couldn't see a BC player winning the award in the near future:

"I doubt it, only because in order to win a Heismann Trophy now, you really have to be in the running for a national championship. There are usually a handful or frontrunners that are throwing up ridiculous numbers and then their team loses a game around Week 8 or Week 9 and they get eliminated from the race. It is kind of a team award in that you have to be on a competitive team and win a good percentage of your games, but that shouldn't be the determining factor. I think what's happening is that it takes almost getting to the national championship game or a BCS game, to be in the mix. I don't see BC being in that position any time soon, although they've had some great players like Matt Ryan … That's a perfect example, BC was 7-0 and No. 2 in the country and Matt was leading the charge and there was a lot of talk that he was in the Heisman hunt, and then all of a sudden they lost 3 or 4 games in a row and it was forgotten about."