Lucic: Losing has been difficult

After letting his former roommate and current teammate Mark Stuart hijack his player diary last week, Bruins left wing Milan Lucic takes it back. He talks about how he was suppose to meet singer Rihanna, about the Bruins losing ways and what the team's short- and long-term goals need to be. (-- As told to Louise K. Cornetta )

Before we talk about how we've been playing, I've been meaning to talk about something cool I did. A while back in December when I was out hurt, I got to go to VH1 for a Top 20 Video Countdown in December. It was pretty cool. I was on between number six and number five and so it was kind of cool to be on the set there in New York. I got to see what it's like doing this TV show. Rihanna was supposed to be on with me. I didn't get a chance to meet her unfortunately. She was 45 minutes late. So I guess it just wasn't meant to be.

So I hear you got some dirt on me last week from my old roommate Stuey [Mark Stuart]. It is true. I do play the saxophone. I was really good. I haven't played since I was 16 years old, but I was pretty good in the high school concert band. And he said I would forget to do chores like taking out the garbage. Yes, again, that's true. Even when we would put the garbage right at the front door, for some reason, I would forget to always take it down. That's something I am trying to work on. Now it's my turn to reveal something about him. He was a pretty good roommate, I'll admit. Not too many flaws, but the one thing I didn't like is he always left the TV on and the lights on too. But really, he was a good roommate.

If you come to a game, check out when the team comes out, and they'll show this on the Jumbotron, I am always the last one. It started in Juniors. I was always the guy that liked to be one of the last guys out. We have such a long hallway here at the Garden that I can either wait on one end or the other. I'll just high-five everyone when they come out and just wait for everyone to pass by so I can be the last guy out on the ice.

All right, let's talk about some games. Going back to the one against Columbus last week, I had my first fight since coming back. I broke a finger this year. So the finger held up pretty good. I felt a little bit rusty in the fight, obviously not having fought in a long time here. But I got through it, which was good. Hopefully it made me stronger. That game also didn't end on a good note. I got a high stick penalty that turned out to be incorrect and the winning goal for the Blue Jackets happened on that penalty. I kept my cool because the outcome wasn't going to change if I got upset or not. Deep down I was real upset about it. It was a missed call. But there's nothing you can do about it, it happened and is over and done with and we need to move forward from that. I'm not really sure where my upbeat personality comes from. Life's too short to be grumpy. You have to have fun with this. Obviously, we are living our dream here. So you've got to make the most of every day that we're able to live it.

But I will say, the losing has been difficult. We're doing everything in our power to fight through this. The sooner we can put some wins together, the stronger it will make our team. We need to really focus on each game we play to turn this thing around. As you know, I'm a pretty positive person. And usually having a good outlook helps, but at times like this, sometimes it's tough to be upbeat. You try and do the best you can to get back to that feeling. I think that's what we're all trying to do now. We had a good week of practice. Even our effort against Buffalo that ended up as a loss [2-1 on Friday], I thought it was a stride in the right direction. Hopefully we can keep making those strides to get back on a winning streak. It's also great to have Savvy [Marc Savard] back. He's a scoring threat. Everyone is aware of him when he's out there on the ice. He'll for sure help our power play out. He needs to do what he does in order to help our team win.

The short-term goal for this team is we need to put something together to where we can feel good about ourselves heading into the Olympic break. Long term right now is to get into that top eight in the conference. Once we get in there, we can start thinking about the playoffs.

I'm looking at a busy month of February. Over the Olympic break, I plan on going home to Vancouver. Just to check out the festivities since the Olympics are there. Just go back and enjoy that. Oh and of course, Valentine's Day is around the corner. So here's my advice, just remember it's just another day. If you are looking to get her something, I say a card is nice. Get a card, even if you don't really believe in Valentine's Day, a card is good enough. That's all you need and it's good enough for me. Talk to you again after the break.