Aaron Hernandez warrants released

ATTLEBORO, Mass. -- Former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was "argumentative" and slammed the door on police during their first encounter following his friend's death, according to court records.

Hernandez was later accused of orchestrating the man's death in an industrial park near Hernandez's home.

According to an affidavit attached to search warrants unsealed Tuesday, Hernandez approached police after he noticed them parked outside his North Attleborough home on June 17, the day Odin Lloyd's body was found.

Police said they asked him about an SUV he had rented. Hernandez told them he rented it for Lloyd and had last seen him in Boston the day before, the documents said.

The affidavit then said Hernandez became argumentative, asked "What's with all the questions?" and locked the door of his house behind him.

He then returned with his attorney's business card, and didn't respond when police told him they were investigating a death.

"Mr. Hernandez slammed the door and relocked it behind him," the records read. "Mr. Hernandez did not ask officers whose death was being investigated. Mr. Hernandez's demeanor did not indicate any concern for the death of any person."

Hernandez came out about 10 minutes later and agreed to be questioned at a police station, according to the documents.

Police have a June 17 video from a security camera on Fayston Street showing Lloyd getting into a silver Nissan Altima matching a car Hernandez rented. When officers searched the Nissan Altima believed to have been driven on the night Odin Lloyd was killed, they found a bullet underneath a child's drawing. Hernandez told police he rented a car for friend "O."

Hernandez is being held without bail after pleading not guilty to murder in the killing of Lloyd, whose bullet-ridden body was found in an industrial area near Hernandez's North Attleborough home.

Lloyd's body was discovered along with his wallet, a cellphone, $64.75 in cash and two sets of keys for a black Chevy Suburban. The last call to Lloyd's phone was at 2:32 a.m. from Ernest Wallace, who pleaded not guilty to being an accessory to the murder. Less than an hour later, Lloyd sent his last text message to his sister about being with "NFL."

Hernandez's attorneys have said that the evidence against him is circumstantial and that the tight end is anxious to clear his name. Despite all of the searches, police acknowledge they have not recovered the .45-caliber gun used to kill Lloyd.

Eight search warrants for Hernandez's home, several cars, his phones and security system were unsealed Tuesday after news organizations sought access to the records. A judge had granted the media requests on Monday.

The search warrants, which number more than 150 pages, reveal the breadth of the investigation, with authorities scouring through everything from Hernandez's house to the contents of his team locker, which the Patriots had emptied into a container.

Police wanted to search Hernandez's locker for evidence of firearm purchases or any documents connecting him to Lloyd. It appears nothing was found.

According to the warrants, police confiscated two cellphones, three iPads, a video camera and hard drive from Hernandez's home.

The documents show that inside a safe in Hernandez's home police found a scale and a dish used to weigh drugs. They also found a box of "Game Loads" .22-caliber bullets and 33 bullets for a rifle.

Hernandez and Lloyd were at Rumor nightclub in Boston the Friday night before his murder. A worker at the nightclub told police that Hernandez had a handgun visible from his waistband. Hernandez and Lloyd got so drunk that night they never made it back into Hernandez's house and slept outside instead.

Prosecutors say Hernandez orchestrated Lloyd's shooting because he was upset at him for talking to certain people at the club.

The records also detailed a discussion police had with Hernandez's girlfriend, Shayanna Jenkins, after she dropped him off at the police station.

Police said they pulled her over and she immediately burst into tears when she heard Lloyd was dead. She later told them she had last seen him two days earlier, according to the documents. She told police that Lloyd was a marijuana dealer.

She also said she had been out to a Father's Day dinner with Hernandez on June 16, but they returned home early and she went to bed. She said Hernandez was away that night and she didn't know who he was with.

The records said Jenkins then received a call from Hernandez, who told her his agent had advised him to tell her not to speak to police.

Also Tuesday, a man who faces a gun charge in the case agreed to remain in jail until a hearing next month.

Carlos Ortiz, 27, appeared in Attleboro District Court, where a hearing to determine whether he is a danger to the community was scheduled for Aug. 14. If Ortiz is determined to be dangerous, he can be held without bail for 90 days.

Ortiz is from Hernandez's hometown of Bristol, Conn., and was with Hernandez when they picked up Lloyd the night he was killed.

Wallace pleaded not guilty on Monday to the accessory to murder charge. Wallace, 41, of Miramar, Fla., will be held without bail until another hearing on July 22, under an agreement between his attorney and prosecutors.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.