Rex Ryan calls out Bill Belichick

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Rex Ryan doesn't want to hear it.

During Tuesday's media call, New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick said the New York Jets pushed on field goal attempts as well, referencing an irksome penalty on Chris Jones in overtime that led to a 30-27 Jets win Sunday at MetLife Stadium.

The Jets' coach, however, has clearly run out of patience with Belichick's grousing and denied that his team pushed.

"That's not true," Ryan said. "He's got to make up his mind. Was he aware of this thing? Was it second-level, all this kind of jazz? Or now what the story is ... we did it? OK, I got you.

"The fact is we're moving on, we earned that victory plain and simple, and we're focused on Cincinnati now."

Immediately after Sunday's game, Belichick said he thought the pushing was legal because it wasn't from the second level, but on Monday he said he was wrong about the rule.

Belichick's critique of the Jets' special-teams techniques seemed to be focused on a play involving Muhammad Wilkerson and Quinton Coples.

"[Special-teams coordinator] Ben [Kotwica] did a great job teaching us what we can do and can't do and how to get a block on a field goal," Coples said. "As far as [Belichick's] comment, I'm past it. We won."

Offensive lineman Willie Colon, who was on the field when Nick Folk's unsuccessful 56-yard field goal attempt was nullified by the penalty on Jones, didn't want to add fuel to the simmering disagreement, but he emphasized that the rule was interpreted correctly on the field.

"I can't give you how I honestly feel about it, but it's in the rulebooks," Colon said. "Everybody was aware of it. The refs made a good call. It wasn't like the refs made a call that never happened. They clearly did it."