Adam McQuaid fined $2,500, avoids ban

Boston Bruins defenseman Adam McQuaid avoided a suspension for kneeing the Ottawa Senators' Nick Foligno during Wednesday's game, but the NHL did hit him with a $2,500 fine -- the maximum amount permitted by hockey's collective bargaining agreement.

McQuaid was assessed a 5-minute major for kneeing and a 10-minute game misconduct for sticking out his knee and colliding with Foligno at 17:45 of the second period of Boston's eventual 5-2 win in Ottawa.

"I played junior with Nick and we're good friends," McQuaid said postgame Wednesday night. "Obviously, when we play against each other we compete against one another, but I certainly would never intentionally try and do anything to hurt him or anyone else. I was just kind of pinching in and trying to keep the puck in and he made a kind of a quick move around me and I was just trying to do what I could to get in his way."

Foligno went to the dressing room but returned before the end of the second to take a shift during the ensuing power play.

"I think Adam was just trying to stop me from getting around him and I don't think he realized his knee was out that far, and he clipped me," Foligno said Wednesday night. "I think it looks worse than it was. It was bad but it got me on the leg so I'm happy at least it wasn't on my knee. My quad's got a charley horse but that's about it."

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.