Marc Savard: 'Enjoying what I'm doing'

BOSTON -- The last time Boston Bruins forward Marc Savard held a news conference at TD Garden, it was on Feb. 7, 2011, to announce that his season was over because of post-concussion syndrome.

He hasn't played since Jan. 22, 2011, when he suffered his second concussion in a 10-month period. He wasn't in Vancouver when his teammates hoisted the Stanley Cup on June 15, either.

Savard returned to the Garden on Saturday to officially announce that he has purchased a luxury suite in the arena through the 2013-14 season that will host pediatric patients from Children's Hospital Boston, with a focus on children suffering from the effects of head trauma.

He believes it's a small token he can give back to Boston and still be connected to the Bruins' organization in some way.

The idea for "Savvy's Suite" was a simple one for Savard.

"I know what I've gone through and what I've been through lately," he said. "I felt that, at this present time, I'd like to do something for Boston because they've been so great for me. I know what these kids are going through and I just thought that this was something minor I could do."

Savard hasn't officially announced his retirement from the game, and remains under contract with the Bruins, but it seems like a long shot at this point that he'll play again.

"Right now, with the way I'm still feeling and the daily issues I'm having, it's tough to see a bright future right now. It's tough, but there are days when I want to get back and play, but at the end of the day, too, I know if I got possibly hit again what could happen.

"It's a day-by-day thing still. I'm still hoping that something happens and I feel a lot better, but if I felt like this, I still couldn't play."

Savard admitted that he began to work out last week by riding the stationary bike for the first time.

"I just want to take this whole year and see how everything goes throughout the year and really gauge myself," Savard said. "I tried to work out a couple of times this week and I didn't feel that bad. We'll see how that goes and just keep going."

Although the depression Savard has been feeling has subsided a bit, he's still having issues with his short-term memory. He said mornings are especially difficult, but his headaches are going away.

"I'm happy right now and that's the main thing," he said. "I've got no issues on the depression side. I'm around my kids every day, taking them to school and helping coach. I'm really enjoying life. I'm just happy and I'm happy to be here today. I don't have any hard feelings about anything.

"If I don't ever plan again, I'm happy," Savard added. "I had a decent career, if I don't play again and I'm enjoying what I'm doing right now."

Joe McDonald covers the Bruins for ESPNBoston.com.